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mustard in the sunset

July 20, 2012

Love for Lemons dress (in black here). Miu Miu shoes. Lancaster Paris bag.

Some pics taken right before the sun sets in a parking lot somewhere. A pretty basic outfit in a basic dress that's sort of elaborated with scallops therefore unqualified itself as a basic dress, but what I really wanted to get in point here are my new prized possession Miu Mius. They're totally hyper girly but I seriously love them. I love them enough I will never wear them and will be completely satisfied staring at them.

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43 responses:

  1. Those shoes are the most perfect shoes EVER! Love the lighting in these photos too x

  2. Gorgeous scalloped dress, and gorgeous sparkling shoes!

  3. I love the scalloped hemline and your Miu Miu shoes!


  4. Your shoes are outstanding!! I'm speechless :)

  5. Love the mustard scallops!


  6. fantastic shoes!


  7. Amazing shoes!

  8. you lucky duck! the miu mius look amazing on you, love your take on 60s mod here :)

  9. those shoes..... are AMAZING.
    I am SOOOOO in love with them

  10. Those Miu Miu flats are amazing- love the jeweled heels!

  11. Those shoes are so rad. I love mustard yellow!

    Suzie Q

  12. Love the scalloping detail those shoes are pretty fancy!

    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  13. Shoot me now, like those are the best shoes I've ever spotted in my life! Are they vintage!? I cannot live without them but I guess I'm going to have to! LOL!

    xx, alexia in the meantime

  14. Such a cute outfit! Lovely shoes. xo Madeleine

  15. LOVE the dress! Happy weekend! XO Rebecca

  16. OMG the shoes!!! So lovely :D


  17. those are such pretty shoes Rach! love the gem detailing and the glitter. it's time to bling ;)

    Style Hostess

  18. sweet dress sweet shoes <3

  19. Holy hotcakes, those are some kicks that even Dorothy would be jealous of! Super girly can make way for super awesome.

  20. I love these photos, and your shoes are absolutely adorable!

  21. Pretty dress - love the scalloped edge!

    xo Jennifer


  23. Amazing! Those Miu Miu shoes make the outfit!

  24. best shoes. x


  25. I really like your dress! You look beautiful!


  26. Miu Miu's designs always stand out, love them!

  27. your shoes are freaking adorable

  28. you look so, so beautiful!


  29. loving that scalloped dress with a pair of awesome miu miu shoes

  30. The shoes are gorge. But I love that mustardy yellow in the sunset light too. Lovely.

  31. you look great and the shoes are fab

  32. Absolutely adorable outfit!

    b @

  33. Miu Miu really makes teh best shoes!

  34. Those shoes are insane! I love the photos you compiled.


  35. Your shoes are absolutely gorgeous!Love it!!!!Really breathtaking!

    im jealous!
    + I like your blog :)

  37. Do you know what the name of these shoes are or where I can purchase? I am dying to get them for my wedding. Thank you!


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