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bang bang

July 5, 2012

Not that it was an intentional goal, but my hair is passed shoulder-length and instead of getting my usual quarterly trim, I decided to cut my bangs. Well, I lied, I don't trust myself with scissors. I had my hairdresser Tani at Sasson Salon cut it. She's been doing my hair for over a year now, and I honestly can say I don't let anyone else touch my hair. I love how she cut my bangs too, it's like I've always had them and they finally grew in.

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55 responses:

  1. Nice haircut :) Looks great!

  2. lovely!


  3. Looks great! and makes me want to cut mine now... I really love your bangs! xo akiko

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  4. I go back and forth between bangs and no bangs all the time. I especially love the texture of your hair, mine's always so flat!

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  6. Really like the bangs! I tried to pull off the "straight bang" look... yeah... doesn't work for my round face :(

  7. LOVE the bangs! You look great.

  8. love the bangs on you, the mid length beach wave hair works so well on you! i can't pull anything like this off with my thick non cooperative hair ;)

  9. Anonymous

    Love it !

  10. really really love this whole look on you. You make me want to cut my hair short!

  11. really really love this whole look on you. You make me want to cut my hair short!

  12. really really love this whole look on you. You make me want to cut my hair short!

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  14. I LOVE your haircut!
    Very cute

    Lovely blog :)

  15. Dude you look amazing with bangs. Perfect hair length too!


  16. I love your hair! It looks so good, I'm jealous x

  17. Your hair is adorable. I didn't even know this post was about hair until I read it and was still going to comment on the hair. The bangs work on you :)

  18. amazing hair!


  19. you look really good here!

  20. That looks awesome and it reminds me that my hair needs cutting too :D


  21. I'm so upset that Tani didn't think of this sooner - this bangs SO become you. Now I'm jealous that my bangs will never be so awesome.
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  22. You look so pretty, definitely a subtle but awesome change, and the length of your hair is perfect for that little messy vibe!!

    Have an excellent weekend! :D

  23. Love your hair! I like sporting side bangs esp in the summer only because I hate the feeling of all the hair covering my sweaty forehead.

  24. I admire your hair. it looks so messy at the same time very classy .

  25. You hair looks amazing!! I love your bangs and how you styled it with the waves.

    Suzie Q

  26. Trovo che questa acconciatura ti doni molto
    Ti incornicia il volto in modo perfetto

  27. Anonymous

    makes you look older and sexier

  28. I love your bangs! I've been going to the same hairdresser for 10 years now, and I don't let anyone else touch my hair!

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  29. Your hair looks amazing like this! I'm smitten.

  30. Great top!

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  31. I love this length! I'm using this as my goal for my own hair :)

  32. your hair is amazing!


  33. Love it! I wish I could pull off bangs.

  34. I like it!!

  35. Such a great look on you!

  36. LOVE the bangs! Is you hair naturally wavy? How do you style your hair? I just love it and I'm trying to figure out how to get that beachy tousled look. Please share!

    Thnx :)

  37. How do you manage to have such sultry locks with short hair? I need a diy of these soft waves. awww effortless. Jelly.



  38. The haircut looks super cute!

  39. so cute!

  40. Anonymous

    So pretty... I love the bangs.

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