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8 summer beauty must-haves

July 31, 2012

8 summer beauty must-haves

1. Too Faced 3 Way Eyeliner - Probably the coolest eyelining tool I've ever used. It has three-prongs so you can push color between your lashes or you can draw on a clean cat-eye. It's so hard to explain, but the instructions are on the site!

2. MAC eyeshadow in Nylon - Lately I've been obsessed with the power of highlighting - particularly in the inner-corners of the eye. This color works for me because it's shimmy, but there are no flecks at all, just iridescence. I even brush a little on the high bones of my cheeks.

3. Butter in Fairy Lights - A dusty, pink metallic break from the pops of bright neon nails. Still suitable for spring even though it's part of a winter collection.

4. Jurlique hand cream in Rose - I'm super picky when it comes to lotion because I can't stand that filmy, greasy feeling a lot leave behind. Ever since I tried Jurlique I haven't looked back. Everything from the packaging, smell, and texture is amazing.

5. Clarisonic Mia - Pretty self-explanatory. Got this a few weeks ago and it's definitely lived up to the hype. It really doesn't feel right to use my hands to wash my face anymore.

6. Revlon in Strawberry Suede - Almost red, but sheer enough to be watermelony. It's sadly discontinued but you can still buy it on Amazon!

7. Too Faced BB Cream - My face routine for the longest time has been only concealer and brushing powder on. I realized it was a waste of product using concealer for doing the job of a foundation, so I opted for a sheer foundation with SPF. So glad I converted!

8. Organic extra virgin coconut oil - Really a genie in a jar... and so inexpensive! I use it at the ends of my hair, dry spots like elbows, and lips to moisturize. My favorite use for it is as an eye make up remover. It also feels good knowing you're only using one ingredient on your skin which is better than any expensive product you can ask for. It's apparently really good for your body to take internally as well.

What are your favorite products at the moment?

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15 responses:

  1. my friend has number 5..what is that thing like?

  2. That nail polish is a beautiful color. I love it!

  3. That nail polish is a beautiful color. I love it!

  4. OMG that nail polish is gorgeous!!

  5. I'd really like to try that Too-Faced eyeliner!

  6. I want so badly that red lipstick!

  7. Thanks for sharing. The BB cream and the coconut oil I will definitely check out :D


  8. Definitely need number 8... xo

  9. These are all wonderful! Butter polish is all I use & I couldn't live without my Mia...great picks!

  10. Love the coconut oil and the BB cream! When my hair is dry I will rub some into my hair and leave it in for an hour before i wash it. leaves my hair super moisturized and soft.

  11. since your suggested Revlon lipstick is discontinued, I can suggest another BEAUTIFUL summer red from Dior, my favorite

  12. OMG i love them aaall *.* and reading your blog ! Such great inspiration ! I am a new blogger and would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it !

  13. I love Too Faced!

    Cool post

  14. These items sound great!I have that lipstick,and it's great!That nail polish is cute!

  15. what a great list of summer must haves! i've been looking for a highlighter! using an eyeshadow to get the job done is brilliant! thanks for the tip!

    xx, zhing

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