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waiting in line at a burger shack

June 26, 2012

Leyendecker shirt. Vintage skirt. Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Rebecca Minkoff bag. Rodarte sunglasses. JNB Jewels necklace

Hanging around a burger shack on PCH which inadvertently became a huge ad for Coca-Cola (you're welcome?). I'm not much of a soda drinker so I guess I can use that to counter... except I'm drinking out of a soda bottle, which was purchased for the pure sake of it looking "cute". Ted then added a straw and told me to sip, sip my heart away, while posing. This of course made me feel silly and led to candid smiles on camera. This description is just becoming more and more awkward and almost unnecessary.

Erm, the clothes. The skirt I found at a thrift store and immediately obsessed over the print from being reminded of Troop Beverly Hills. This train of thought namely had to do with the tag reading "Beverly Hills". The laced shirt is from Leyendecker. I'm pretty particular about lace patterns, but I enjoyed their recent collection.

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59 responses:

  1. You look absolutely amazing! Love the photography too!

  2. Wow...I love your skirt! Beautiful pictures!

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  3. omg these pictures are so pretty!!!! see growing up in canada, we never had places like this. so jealous. and i sure as heck don't have these shacks anywhere in beijing. le sigh. i need to come to cali and see mickey with you

  4. Such a gorgeous shirt!!! You look amazing!

  5. I'm not really a soda drinker either, but for one of my past photo shoots I sipped on some for the visual effect as well since we were on the Route 66 :) You look super cute, and adore the vintage skirt.

  6. i love these photos.. they're super cute! so i guess maybe the plan worked:-) crazy about your shoes too, the whole outfit is beautiful!

  7. Haha, found the description of the day quite funny. I love troop beverly hills also, nice find and connection!

  8. Such a cute and fun photo shoot! You're so funny with your recap of the shoot =) You look fab, btw!

    Suzie Q

  9. I love a good ol' vintage food shack and who doesn't love glass coke bottle?!

  10. So fun!! I love.

  11. love!

  12. Cute photos! Love your top!


  13. I adore your outfit! Fabulous.


  14. Kind of dying over how killer that blouse is. Seriously fabulous, and those sleeeeeves! Love it. I'm having a give-away on my blog for a lacey vintage blouse, check it out!

  15. I think Ted did an amazing job. And the straw idea, worked! Love the photos despite the Coke ad ;)


  16. Aw I love these shots, you look amazing and so happy!

  17. Loving your outfit and your pics as per usual..I adore the shoes :)

  18. I really love the third photo - you look so stunning. And the pattern of that lace is beautiful and so unique.

  19. That top is perfect for summer! Oh how i now crave for burger!


  20. That top is amazing! Love how you wore it :)

  21. Love that your burger place looks so cute and retro. Love the lace top!
    Material Fixations

  22. absolutely LOVe the lace top
    you look so amazing
    such a retro kind of shoot
    hahaa coca-cola
    youre so sweet & funny !

    love your blog !

    xx [ aphrodite blue ]

  23. Troop Beverly Hills is a favorite of mine!! I love that blouse it's beautiful!!!

  24. Absolutely love this outfit! I'm a sucker for pastels.

  25. you look stunning! Love the shirt, and colors of the burger shack - compliments everything!

  26. always love your twist on different elements!

  27. Love this setting! It's so retro looking. The lace top is gorgeous and I like how paired it with that interesting skirt. xoxo

  28. Love these photos, so cute! Candid photos are the best :)

    XO J

  29. amazing pictures! i love the backdrop!

  30. Stunning look. Love everything :D


  31. Pretty! XO Rebecca

  32. really lovely top


  33. amazing!


  34. just stumbled upon your blog and i loooove it! love the photos!

    xx jasmine

  35. Gorgeous girl! Love your outfit so much :)

  36. I love coke in a bottle - it's the only way to go! And I love Troop Beverly Hills. So basically, best post ever ;)

    xo Jennifer

  37. Love this combo... that print is really amazing and that top is on another level!

    Caitie @

  38. Very cute look!

  39. I love how these pictures look....Like they came right out of a magazine!

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  40. Mi piace moltissimo la tua camicettaIl disegno del pizzo è inusuale e delicato
    Un bacio

  41. Great photos and location!

  42. Great look and photos!

  43. amazing look, especially your blouse!

  44. amazing look, especially your blouse!

  45. amazing look, especially your blouse!

  46. beautiful pictures, lovely.


  47. You always epitomize my idea of life in Southern California. So in other words, I'm jealous. And I need some lace in my wardrobe, stat.


  48. Your lacey top is sooooo lovely!!


  49. Love these photo so cute have a vintage feeling

  50. love your outfit!

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