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sweet tides

June 12, 2012

Pencey dress. Isabel Marant sneakers. LuvAj necklace.

Last week Ted and I headed towards the coast and found ourselves on a locals-only-beach near Laguna… mentally noted for future beach days. I got this dress last year from Pencey and for some reason, never got around to photographing myself in it. What a shame too because it’s one of my favorites. If you could translate Orange County into a dress, this would be it: gradient beachy colors, basic t-shirt dress on steroids, and a fickle choice of silk. Threw on the coveted Isabel sneakers that are currently on loan from my self-proclaimed sister, Raneth. We made some unwritten bond to share closets. Can't complain, the girl has a sick shoe collection.

P.S. I do not know that male who made it into these pictures. Photobomb level: casual frisbee-goer.

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56 responses:

  1. Ahh photo bombers!

    Love the dress. You have a great physique for it. I couldn't wear that :( I wish I could though :P


  2. What a perfect, fun summer dress. I love the photobomb, hilarious =)

    Suzie Q

  3. You look both chic and gorgeous! I love this outfit so much! Cute bag! Looks like you had a lovely day out too. Thanks for teaching me a new word: photobombing! (^_^) x

  4. I didn't even notice the photobomb at first... was way too into your rock star dress! Love it!

    But now that I've spotted him, I suddenly can't look away... I kid.

  5. That dress totally resembles the beach, such a wondrous item! You look beautiful, as always. We always love venturing to the less roamed beaches in the Laguna area, they are a real gems and so pristine.

  6. adorable sneakers!


  7. Gorgeous dress! Love the photobomb!

  8. You look sooo california!!! Xoxo luv it! Where are your shades from btw?

  9. Striking dress! Killer shoes!

  10. What an amazing dress you are wearing! It's completely stunning!
    Fancy Corpse

  11. adorable outfit, i saw a dress today with a similar style as this but different pattern. and i'm so jealous of your shoes!!!

    ps: funny photo bomber ;)

  12. That photobomber is damn sexy. Luckkyyyyyy....
    hahaha looking great as usual darling!

  13. Love the cut outs on the dress, absolutely gorgeous.

  14. love that this outfit is super laid back but still super fly at the same time. (if that makes sense) I love that you paired it with sneakers. Comfy but still doesn't take away from the outfit!

  15. You are gorgeous as usual - love the laid back vibe of the dress with its cut outs :)

    x Stace

  16. Love the photos, especially the second one. Hahaha to the photobomber.

  17. Your dress is awesome and totally artsy :)

  18. dreamy dress.. makes me crave the beach

  19. U have wonderful photos! I love their climate:)

  20. Absolutely gorgeous dress, I wish I had the body to pull it off!


  21. Absolutely gorgeous dress, I wish I had the body to pull it off!


  22. great look!
    and really great photos!


  23. aaaaah you're such a cutie!!! This is SO cool and effortless, one of my favs of yours!

  24. That's really chic! Love the dress, it looks awesome on you!

  25. wow i love the dress, and i would kill for that sneakers

  26. Great outfit! Love that dress!

  27. Umm okay WOW you look stunning!

  28. This dress looks great on you! Love the colors and the cutout.

    Caitie @

  29. I love that dress! It's definitely SoCal in an outfit!

  30. Love your dress!


  31. Love your dress!


  32. Great dress and obviously great sneakers :)


  33. Beautiful shots.

    - Lloyd

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  34. love these pics of you! a little different than what you normally wear but you totally pull it off.. kind of obsessed.


  35. that dress is seriously divine, I love it and the shoes match perfectly!

  36. That dress is super cute!


  37. Your dress very beautiful!!! :)

  38. A cute photobomer indeed! I LOVE the dres,, I've never seen anything like it, it looks like the perfect summer beach evening dress.

  39. Cute casual look. Love the dress.

  40. Unfreakin believably cute. Can i steal your laguna beach location?

    Xx Stephanie

  41. lol at the photo bomber.
    Loving the dress so cute.


  42. Ha, I like that you could have cropped frisbee guy out, but you chose to keep him. Good choice, he seems to be flexing awfully hard to only end up being cropped out! Love this dress and I am drooling over your sneakers.

  43. Gorgeous, don't know if id be able to pull off this look though! You sure do !

    Check out my blog.. what do you think? Let me know!

  44. love love love ur blog dear

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    and join my giveaway if you want

  45. HI Rach,

    I'm going a little bananas over this outfit. I can't really think straight. Just being over dramatic I guess, but seriously this rocks!

    Congrats on graduating! Your mom look super young and I definitely see the resemblance :)

    "shoegazing shit" What does this mean haha. Please advise


  46. First, you are adorable. Second, I've been obsessing over this dress since someone shared your instagram pic of it a couple weeks ago. Searched high and low in case it was still available somewhere, anywhere, but your blog seems to be the only proof of its existence. Sigh…

  47. I love the ombre effect on this dress! Absolutely gorgeous!

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  48. Love the shoes!

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  49. i love your style, i will more often around here. and this dress is love, i love dyeing!



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