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thirty years of sexy

May 23, 2012

Guess jeans. Vintage top. Seychelles shoes.

I guess I'm pretty into printed jeans lately. Or any pair of jeans that stray from predictable indigo denim. Guess sent these over in celebration of three decades of unmatched sexiness. It's refreshing to think a brand as iconic as Guess be where they are today by embracing a woman's sexiness. Which, in my opinion, parallels to personal style. I get asked so much to "define my style" or what it even means to me. Well, I can say that both shouldn't be conscious efforts. It's almost having no fear of consequence and enjoying everything you have in that moment - something we all forget to do and let worldly distractions and comparisons get in the way of that. Whether it's your body or lifestyle or the people you choose to share them with; being able to let go of mental boundaries and enjoy what you have is sexy. Guess has been there to dress that girl, so cheers to many more decades to come!

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54 responses:

  1. I love those floral jeans! super cute, especially for the summer!

  2. Love this post and the content! Love your outfits always, Rachel!

  3. Loving printed jeans at the moment too. So wearable and easy to throw on!

    x Olivia
    The Black Peony

  4. loving this outfit so much!

  5. This outfit really does resound "no fear of consequence" as it is rare to find this pairing of prints. You look amazing, though.

  6. You look stunning, the Guees jeans are gorgeous, they look amazing on you!

  7. love these jeans in a combo with a printed top

  8. I love your outfit and your style! I'm following you. :) Please check out my blog if you can!


  9. I love the print on print on you. I've been looking for some printed jeans too. You look fab!

    Suzie Q

  10. Love!

    xo Jennifer

  11. Those jeans are perfection

  12. I love this look! The jeans are such a fun print...and mixed with that sleeveless button-down, it look perfect for a carefree day!

  13. you are soooo cute!!

  14. you look so great! love the mix in prints!

  15. I love the pants, i want it too! :)

  16. I love the print on those pants. Adore the look.


  17. Anonymous

    This outfit is a hot mess. Print overload.

  18. IF they ever had their first Asian (or Eurasian?) Guess model, you'd be it!

  19. Love the mixing of prints! xA

  20. You look lovely, great jeans!

  21. LOOOOOOOOVE it! Great prints! XO Rebecca

  22. i adore those pants!


  23. Love the pants there so cute!!
    you look amazing :)


  24. Cute blouse! And love the pants!!
    xo Madeleine

  25. Great insight! And the outfit is amazing too.

  26. Greaaat Oufti! :)

    Hope you may pass by my blog I have a new post : Theurel & Thomas French Macarons.

  27. Your outfit is fun and summery! Love it so much!

  28. I've just discovered ur blog and i really love it!

  29. I've just discovered ur blog and i really love it!

  30. Wouldn't have thought of it, but it looks fabulous!!! Great post!

  31. What a gorgeous way to mix prints, we are in love with your outfit!

  32. woah i really love this outfit ! really spring-ish :)

  33. cute prints!


  34. So fab, you look great! Love the floral pants and that cute shirt. Super chic style.
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  35. WOW!!U look stunning!! I really love this tropical top :)

  36. Awesome outfit!

  37. those pants are awesome!


  38. Those jeans are how you styled them! xx


  39. great look :)

  40. If I sported that they of blouse here in Hawaii, I'd be deemed a tourist... hahaha. You pull it off so fantastically, hun. I love the print mixing as well. Hope you're enjoying the long weekend. :D

    xx Love & Aloha

  41. amazing print combination.
    gentle , casual, and bold

    love it

    xx candace

  42. Anonymous

    I can't take my eyes off that first pic. So foxy, but you might want to Photoshop that CT, that's accentuated by the strategically placed sun flower.

    XOXO nicholas

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