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wearing all nude

April 10, 2012

3.1 Phillip Lim dress. Maison Margiela Shoes. Lancaster bag. Necklace/bracelets c/o BCBGeneration.

This weekend I checked out the OC Mart Mix with Daron but was quickly bored with the stores then opted to enjoy the nice weather outside. I guess I was being difficult getting my pictures taken here (clearly more interested in taking pictures of him taking pictures of me), which doesn’t help do this dress justice. It's some kind of gorgeous, metallic, meshy-cotton layered over a fake white shirt. Which I dig, because I'm thoughtless when it comes to thoughtful layering. But I shouldn't own pretty dresses like this because I'm prone to spilling on myself - and that I did. Hope the oil stains come out! And since I’m sure I’ll be asked, I got my iPhone case here. It brings out the giddy five-year old in me, as well as anyone within an eye-glance vicinity.

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45 responses:

  1. what a lovely dress! this is too cute!
    xo, Tina

  2. Great dress, it looks amazing on you!!

  3. this dress is so gorgeous! and i love the shoes!

  4. Lovely colour scheme and that phone case is adorable!

  5. pretty pretty dress!

  6. Oh you killed me with those shoes,sooo interesting and unique.That's what I'm looking for;) Love how you color coordinated everything!

  7. That dress is quite a beauty, Raych! Such cute captures of you. And the iPhone case is a lot of fun!

  8. love your dress! nice shoot!

  9. You were right. Loveeee the iphone case! Dress is cute too.

  10. Love your outfit!
    Especially the shoes (and your Iphone case ^^)

    Love, Sari

  11. love the dress and those shoes are pretty awesome too

  12. Beautiful outfit! I love the natural colors of the clothes!


  13. Love the shoes! They're so different than the traditional nude spring show!

  14. I love pale colours! Especially when accessorized with gold jewellery!

  15. that dress is awesome, loving the details

  16. those shoes are the bomb dot com. i'm on the hunt for a super sweet pair of nude heels

  17. Lovely outfit in nude! Such a classic look with the collar!

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    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  18. That 3.1 Phillip Lim dress looks amazing on you! And I love that iPhone case.

  19. cute dress!


  20. The dress is gorgeous and the I-phone case is so adorable!

  21. You look adorable! Love your blog. Followed!

  22. That Lancaster bag you're carrying. Awesome.


  23. Pretty pretty clothing! Looks gorgeous on you! XO Rebecca

  24. Cute dress! I like it with the neutral accessories!

    And your iphone case is so cute :)

  25. love that dress, so cool. You are just beautiful, love your blog. That phone case is too cute for words...

  26. Such a beautiful beautiful dress!

  27. beautiful girl!


  28. Your shoes are very special! I must confess, your one of my fav bloggers simply because you have your own style instead of following trends... You always seem to find these unique and unusual pieces and style them together so well!


  29. Beautiful outfit!
    ❤ Annelien

  30. AMAZING dress!!

  31. Love that dress! xxx

  32. love the dress! happy Easter!

  33. Wow you totally read my mind about the wonder of where you got your iPhone case. I always seem to be on the look out for a new either because I get bored or they deteriorate on me. Love the dress! I'm a fan of anything neutral. Hope you get the stains out! xoxo

  34. I really like everything is so stylish.

  35. Use dawn soap to get out that grease stain girl ;) works for me everytime!


  36. The dress is gorgeous. I'm loving the iphone case as well. I'm bored with all of mine so it's time for a new one.

  37. such a classic dress!


  38. You iPhone case is so amazing! I have a Hello Kitty case and if that ever breaks I'm definitely going to get this one! I loved your outfit today on instagram!

  39. Love the nude colors on you!

  40. I love minimal palettes! Those two gold buttons on the side of the dress is a neat touch.

  41. Great dress, it looks amazing on you!!

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