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teen spirit

April 6, 2012

Stylestalker dress. Loup top. Forever 21 shoes. BesoBeso necklace. Karen Walker shades.

I wore this overall-dress hybrid the previous Halloween as a scarecrow, but that didn't satisfy my curiosity of whether or not overalls can come back. Don't know if I can commit to a full denim overall... maybe a leather one a la Stolen Girlfriend Club. I'll stick to this for now when I feel like posing in front of a janky motel.

Also, hung out with Socialyte last weekend to document some of my favorite places in Orange County. It was narrowed down to Costa Mesa because we didn't have time to drive from city to city. Check it out!

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47 responses:

  1. Totally fun 90s grunge worthy outfit! Love it!

  2. You look so nice and girly! Love your shoes and sunnies a lot!!

  3. SO cute shoes!


  4. So gorgeous outfit!!!

  5. I am loving this! You look quite beautiful and your shoes are too die for. Fabulous pictures, as always!

  6. soooo pretty. i love it! like LOVE IT.

  7. You look more than lovely, I love every single detail of your outfit it's so cute.

  8. Great outfit... very original!
    I follow you!

  9. You look like a gorgeous girl!Adooooore this!

  10. I love this outfit! looks like you're straight out of the 90's!

  11. that bag is a gem, absolutely adore

  12. such a cute look!!!

  13. looking gorgeous as always rachel!
    the polka dot top is adorable and looks great paired with that dress.
    i could never see myself wearing anything even remotely similar to overalls but seeing you rocking this outfit tempts me to go get myself an overallish dress! :)

    those heels are super cute and i love the pastel colors in the background. definitely easter perfect!


  14. Cute, you look like a super glamorous farmer.
    Material Fixations

  15. perfect look!!!

    nice bag!!

  16. What a cute, sweet look! It looks so fun with overall skirt!

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    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  17. Oh my, this is the cutest:)

  18. The dungarees and floral printed Mary Janes are super cute!

  19. love the overalls! so cute! ive been wanting to have one so bad

  20. Those are very cute overalls! It brings me back! Perfect choice in scenery for this outfit in this shoot!

  21. great sunnies!!

  22. the socks make the outfit so cute!


  23. love how chic this is. the print's a real killer!

  24. i do enjoy dressing like a toddler. love the stylestalker dress :)

    The Dress Up Corner

  25. Cute top!! Happy weekend! XO Rebecca

  26. Very cute outfit!!

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    xo Madeleine

  27. Lovely bag !

  28. That's such a cool look! I love your shoes.
    Blues and Shoes

  29. so cute, loving this dress! and the soy dirty lavender tea sounds absolutely incredible..

  30. You look so cute and girly :)

  31. Rachel, I just love how unique your style is.... It's so very cute! ^.^


  32. Rachel, I just love how unique your style is.... It's so very cute! ^.^


  33. super cute. I say Yes to overalls.

  34. Love your style! It's so simple boho chic!

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  36. very cool

  37. Love the outfit but loved your poses even more. Yes commit! :D

  38. so cute! love the shoes and socks!


  39. TJ

    Love the location! Does anyone know where that motel is?!

  40. You look so cute, I love your sunglasses! <3

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