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shopping for ipad cases

April 9, 2012


 I normally don't write posts like these, but I recently bought myself an iPad and inevitably wanted a cute case to boot. I seriously scoured the Internet for something cute and in my budget (spending more than 10% of the cost of what you're protecting seems a little absurd to me) for a week. No guide, Pinterest board, or anything form of blogging fit what I envisioned. The case had to have a cover on it and I didn't like sleeves too much. I finally found one I liked and felt the need to publish my research so that staring at the computer for hours was worth straining my eyes beyond my personal needs. Enjoy and happy Monday!

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21 responses:

  1. great selection! my favorite is #4. love the bright colors and the abstractness of it!
    xo, Tina

  2. Good choice!! I'm still stuck with ipad 1 :( neways, love #4 and 6


  3. Oh the one you chose is cute!!
    Also love the second and third one!!
    xo Madeleine


  4. I love these choices. So cute. Thank you for sharing. You have such fabulous taste!

  5. Yes, iPad - this is an important and necessary gadget. These accessories perfectly complement the iPad. I like accessories # 1,2 and 6.


  6. Hey there! are so cool!!! But I prefer the first one because it's simple, white and so cool!!!


  7. So gorgeous!!! Join my give away of a hand painted silk scarve!!

  8. I ran into the same problem when finding a case for my Kindle Fire. I wanted something that I could just open. I wasn't interested in a sleeve either (too inconvenient), and I definitely didn't want something that cost more than the Kindle itself.
    My favorite-the lips.

  9. I love that watercolor model, beautiful colors. I love that an ipad case is now a full blown accessorie. IT makes carying a computer around galmorous.
    Material Fixations

  10. The fourth one is my favorite! It looks like watercolored just spilled everywhere ahaha

  11. Really liking Number 1 and 3. I like the look of it being a "book".

  12. how wrong is it that i kinda want an ipad just to be able to buy a cool case for it...

  13. Did you buy the new one? Make sure the cover is made for that new model because covers made for older ipads didn't work correctly on the new one (due to changes on the magnetic fields).

    I love all of these though - especially the last one (simple and cute).

    xo Joana

  14. Kerry Mayz

    Fabulous selection of cases. I'm sporting a brown leather Bear Motion case I picked up from It's pretty good quality but I may be switching to something a little flashier soon. ;)

  15. I'm still looking for a case and I've had my ipad since Christmas. I always thought there were cute cases for ipads until I actually got one.

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  18. super cute!
    I love these choices.

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