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obsessing over wailintse

April 1, 2012

I love discovering new photographers to follow. Wai Lin Tse is a photographer based in Barcelona who (if you find her work familiar) has worked in the likes of Urban Outfitters. There's something so emotional and vulnerable about her style that makes it instantly distinguishable. So weird to think that your style carries beyond the things you wear to even how you view the world - something about her work seems so natural and unforced. Love her work more on her website, Flickr, and Tumblr.

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31 responses:

  1. Great inspiration! xo Madeleine

  2. lovely inspirations. I really like the flower motive

    X, Annie

  3. Excellent! Such simple and everyday photos. I see a certain style of the photographer.


  4. wow, she is amazing. thanks for sharing.

  5. Her images certainly have a raw aesthetic to them...thanks for sharing, I love coming across new photographers!

  6. amazing photos.

  7. amazing photos.

  8. amazing photos.

  9. SUCH gorgeous photos, love that black and white one!

  10. inspiring floral!


  11. Amazing photos, she is really talented, thank you for this inspiring post!

  12. thank you for sharing - I too love finding new photographers. these photos are beautiful!


  13. seriously awesome spring inspo! checking out her site now.. :)

  14. These are great. Fabulous inspiration Dear. I love your blog immensely and you are so stunning. I really look up to you as a blogger and I adore your wonderful posts.

  15. This is a pretty inspiring post. Makes me think about how I, myself, view the world. And, if I were to capture the world in one shot, what would it look like. Thanks for the eye opener. Btw, that last photo is my favorite of the bunch here!

  16. Really, really beautiful pictures.

  17. great post, the photos are a wonderful inspiration :)

  18. I like so much this photos and their simplicity!
    from Venice...

  19. lovely!
    thanks for sharing, i have a blog about female artists and i can't wait to post about her!
    btw, ur blog is wonderful!

  20. I thought they looked familiar! I can see what you mean about unforced, I feel like I'm just looking at the scene and took a pictures with my eyes. Definitely will start following her on Tumblr, I need more stuff to distract me at work haha

  21. so inspirational! thanks for sharing!

  22. great i will follow on tumblr !

  23. that black and white photo is beautiful

  24. Love the last photo


    Kate L. Harris

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