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April 3, 2012

Cameo top. H&M skirt. Charles Anastase wedges.

Showing off some midriff via my favorite silhouette: calf-hemmed, full skirt with a questionable top. This one in particular has cascading ribbons that makes the top as confusing as it is awesome, so I tied them together with some sense of accomplishment.

Easy quarter this spring that grants me ample leisure time than I know what to do with. I mean, I Instantly felt bored when I got out of my only class yesterday at 11AM with no plans the rest of the day except to finish reading Hunger Games and loiter the house simultaneously annoying my dad by revisiting the refrigerator in 30 minute increments - a daytime luxury I otherwise never had time for.

Hi Lexie. You're on a roll today.

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51 responses:

  1. Dying for the wedges, must say. Gorgeous outfit, as USUAL.

    xx Joana

  2. Ah ha! I've been holding onto that skirt for the past few months without a clue how to wear it without looking insanely short. I guess super tall shoes are the only way to go! :D

    You look gorgeous, as always!


  3. It's been my favorite silhouette lately too! I also have an easy quarter! Are you almost done at UCI?

  4. That maxi skirt is very beautiful!

  5. I love EVERYTHING. the top, the skirt and those wedges. I am dying! xx

  6. wonderful styling!!

  7. LOVE this outfit! :)

    Visit me!

  8. cool!!

  9. I have this skirt too! you're giving me killer inspiration to work with :)

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  11. those wedges are feet hurt a teeny bit just looking at them. but they're soo gorgeous!

    i love the print on your skirt as well as the "questionable top". those ribbons are confusing but super amazing.
    the pieces you wear are often like those ribbons....slightly confusing but fully fantastic!

    since you're finishing the hunger games are you going to watch the movie? i've heard tons of good things about it. what do you think of the book??


  12. Such a beautiful combination! Just finished reading The Hunger Games, the movie was great, too.

  13. fun top!


  14. i love that skirt!! :)

  15. your wedges are insanely tall. love it!

  16. I am dying of a fashion heart attack! This is beyond amazing. I am digging every single article of clothing on your body, and only you could pull it off girl!

  17. I love the skirt! It works perfectly with a cropped top, super flattering silhouette!

  18. What a beautiful sweet skirt! Love the killer wedges and the midruff top!

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  19. the perfect spring outfit! loving the wedges and the top!! you look beautiful!


  20. This outfit is so pretty.... what a great top!

  21. That skirt and those shoes are to die for! Such a cool look.
    Blues and Shoes

  22. Makes me want to do crunches. :)

  23. love your skirt and shoes.!! you look pretty as usual :)

  24. Gorgeous skirt and top!

  25. Love the whole outfit!

  26. lol I do the same thing to my parents. and I love this look, esp those chunky shoes! x

  27. Love this skirt !

  28. Gorgeous! XO Rebecca

  29. Such a beautiful and fresh outfit with perfect spring skirt. You look so chic as always! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  30. Gosh darl, you look so cute!!!! That's such an interesting skirt! Love the print

  31. Those shoes are ridiculously amazing! Check out our festival fever style guide!!

  32. Gorgeous outfit !!!!


  33. love your skirt..i never found it in my h&m store!

  34. I love the way those wedges basically go with everything. Ahhh that skirt I definitely thought it was going to be branded not high street. Love it all.

  35. looks amazing
    love your skirt!

  36. Rachel, this outfit is absolutely unique and very pretty! Definitely loving the way you styled the skirt!

    I hope you have an amazing day!!!


  37. Those shoes are amazing! Love you're style, it's fresh, unique and fun. Love you're vintage pieces!
    Now I'm following you. You're blog is such an inspiration. If you have a free moment please stop by my blog! Thank You

  38. lovely! adored the shoes and skirt. :)

  39. that top is so interesting! i love it!


  40. I love questionable tops! They are so unique!

  41. I would not recommend buying anything from unless you want to spend a tremendous amount of time disputing charges with your credit card company, they have really bad reviews from what I've seen.

  42. oh my, the shoes are on another level!! <3

  43. I like the outfit. It is really chic. I love the shoes and the skirt. Please take a look at my blog

  44. What a fabulous look! I just saw your blog posted on IFB's top 20 and thought I would come and see what all of the fuss is about! Great photos, great layout, great blog!!

    Stay Glamorous,

  45. that skirt knows how to move! Beautiful.

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