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coachella with threadsence

April 12, 2012

I realize this case is getting a lot of air time... so unintentional. But wanted to check in before I drive off to the desert. It'll be my first time going to Coachella (thanks to Threadsence!!) - overcrowded areas kind of freak me out, but I wouldn't have my first experience any other way. We rented out a three bedroom home in Palm Desert and they're feeding me the entire time. And they also coordinated everything for me. Which also would have given me anxiety. Well I was convinced and I'll see you guys there with a camera in hand! Look cute because I'm style spotting for their blog xo

Ph: Ted

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35 responses:

  1. Aww, i want to attend coachella too!

  2. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time. I know your posts about it will be epic and I cant wait to see and hear about all the fun! I am giving away 50$ to ASOS and I would love for your readers to stop by and enter!

  3. Have fun - and join the club, I'm totally OCD about absolutely everything like that!

  4. Nice sunglasses!!!!


  5. Have a great time! Glad you got to go on such amazing circumstances!

  6. have fun! live! :)

  7. Sooooo jealous! ENJOY! Happy friday! XO Rebecca

  8. Can't wait to see your photos. Have an amazing time and enjoy the different styles and music.

    Thank you for your lovely comment.


  9. have fun !!!!!!! take lots of pictures and videos please :P

  10. What a great opportunity for you Rachel, you are going to have SO much fun! Keep that furry case in check, everyone will be eyeing it ;)

  11. oohh this iphone case is so sweet!

  12. Have a super fun time you lucky girl!

    xo Joana

  13. Jealous! So want to be at Coachella... I know it's raining but hopefully it'll clear up in time!

  14. coachella!! yayayay. hope you have a fabulous time! that phone case is adorable!


  15. Those sunglasses are amazing. Where are they from?! Have fun at Coachella!

  16. that shot is so gorge, super lovely. adore your phone case

  17. Everyone's going to Coachella, and the line up looks stellar this year. You'll have so much fun! You lucky gal & I can't wait for the style spotting pictures!


  18. Amazing sunglasses! Let's wait for new your photos.


  19. AHH I love that read sweater dress! And obsessing over that phone case!
    Hope u have fun! xoxo


  20. Have fun! How I wish I could go to coachella :(


  21. all the best of fun in Coachella Rachel! looking forward to those enthralling, festive-filled photos haha^^
    trust you to have the catchiest sunnies on-wear :)


    Style Hostess

  22. So jealous- have fun!

  23. Lucky lady! Have so much fun for those us us still suck in the OC ;)

    From a fellow OC blogger.


  24. have fun lucky girl!


  25. awwww!!!!!enjoy~~~~

    -fashion illustration-

  26. Sounds fun! Look forward to seeing your coachella post ! Beautiful photo as always too :) xo akiko

  27. enjoy your stay and have a good time.
    i love this case.

    love Mira


  28. LOVE the case, hope you had fun!


  29. Cant wait to see you pictures!Hope you had fun!


  30. i'm so jealous- that sounds like a dream come true! can't wait to see all of the awesome outfits that you found!

  31. Love the pictures!!

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