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smitten in spring

March 26, 2012

Vintage top. Keepsake skirt. Rebecca Minkoff bag. Charles Anastase wedges. Topshop earrings.

Thank you everyone for coming out yesterday despite the downpour! Everyone who stopped by my booth to say hi was incredibly sweet and so, so well dressed! I'm sure we'll be doing this again, but this time taking advantage of the great weather to come. I also raised $300 for charity - so thank you again (I also think we collected $200+ at the door which will also go to a good cause). Just glad I can start the week enjoying time off school and catching up on internet business in this gloomy weather.

Wore this a few weeks back feeling pre-springy. But pretty obsessed with this mexican vintage find from the Irvine antique market. Have you guys been? It's better than any Southern California flea in my opinion. I'm pretty sure the majority of the vendors here are the same one at Rose Bowl, but since the booths are cheaper here, so is everything else! It's this weekend too ;)

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105 responses:

  1. Love the skirt and its texture! You always look so chic in all your wardrobes!

  2. I love the outfit! It's so soft and romantic but with a chic touch with the wedge sandals. And that mustard color bag is paired so well with the skirt color. Love!

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  3. Great look! Love the skirt and bag!


  4. woowww im speechlesss gorgeous!

  5. Those wedges are sky high and gorgeous, Rachel! And the vintage top is an absolute gem.

  6. I love all the textures in this outfit, especially the skirt. Love it!


  7. love this outfit so much! the shirt and skirt are just beautiful :)

  8. Love the matching textures on the wedges and the bag! Great light summer outfit!
    Material Fixations

  9. you look gorgeous! i love this outfit, its soo spring. and i am OBSESSED with those shoes, wowwww!

  10. And I am smitten with this outfit! Adore the skirt and how you paired it with that white top. So beautiful!

    Trendy Teal

  11. Those earrings are beautiful!

  12. beautiful shoes!!!!!

    NEW BLOG!!

  13. love the colour fo the bag!


  14. Such a cute outfit! Very springy.

  15. You look gorgeous - that top is so sweet! :)

  16. that skirt and those shoes! perfect!

  17. beautiful outfit, I love the skirt

  18. Perfect outfit!! Like the bag a lot!

  19. i absolutely love those shoes!!!

  20. Your skirt is just perfection! Perfection shade and a truly gorgeous amount of flounce. <3

    <3 Mandy xx

  21. As usual I'm still in love with the Charles Anastase shoes! I'm bummed I couldn't make it out to the blogger market you participated in over the weekend!

  22. the top is adorable and I loveee your earrings! so happy it all went to a great cause :)

  23. You're very consistent about your style! Soo chic!

  24. You look amazing, I especially love how your heels and your bag match!

  25. so soo pretty, I love the whole look!

  26. Love the skirt ! Really !

  27. the colors are amazing, you look gorgeous

  28. i love the shoes,the bag and of cause the rocked them well!

  29. i love the shoes,the bag and of cause the rocked them well!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.
  31. Cute outfit!
    xo Madeleine

  32. HOLY SHOES! Those are gorgeous. You look lovely<3

  33. Hello :) I love your blog, thats chic. It gives me a lot of inspiration about my daily fashion! I have just recently started my fashion blog) and was hoping you could check it out (

  34. Love your look!!

  35. thats beautiful! ♥♥

  36. God your shoe collection is ridiculous, I seriously can't take my eyes off of those. I'm now giving the boring black flats I have on dirty looks.

    I can't wait for the flea markets to start up here in Chicago! You can seriously find the cutest treasures there, and what an awesome way to spend your weekend. Summer needs to hurry up and join us already.

  37. This skirt is fabulous :D
    I love all the outfit, everything is so lovely :D

  38. Yessiree...going this weekend! Love that it's only a hop,skip, and jump away from convenient!

    Love you in springy colors and fresh!

    Have a fabu week honey!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  39. You look so pretty, the skirt is beautiful!

    Carmen Ri.

  40. Such an adorable outfit for Spring. Love the shoes and the colour of your skirt! Such a perfect pairing! - xo

  41. Love the textured, blush skirt and wedges!

  42. cute look!


  43. LOVE this outfit--- so ladylike and pretty :)


  44. loving the top and these wedges are fierce

  45. amazing outfit you look perfect! I love your style!
    kisses from Venice!

  46. love the skirt, such a different fabric

  47. Beautiful outfit, the blouse is so lovely!

  48. pretty tops! love

  49. Awesome shoeeeees!

  50. Aw lovely skirt and bag hun! Love your blog and how you styled it with the loose top. It looks so comfy!

  51. Your skirt is so pretty and that bag is to die for!

    xo Gillie

  52. Just stumbled upon your blog, and wow, you are gorgeous, and your sense of style is incredible. I love your CHarles Anastase wedges!

    see creatures

  53. well those shoes are so freaking awesome!! LOVE!

  54. Love that skirt - it is such a pretty colour and shape.
    Those shoes are perfect with it too.


  55. I've just found out your blog and I love it! I follow you...if you want to give a look at mine here's the link

    Just Rock and Rose.

  56. This outfit is amazing - and those shoes!! So glad I just found your blog :) love your style.

  57. amazing bag!



  58. Love the outfit! It's perfect for spring!

    With hearts,

  59. Amazing outfit post. Love your blog. Deifinitely following. Please visit mine as well. I would really appreciate your feedback.

  60. Anonymous

    Hi! Someone reblogged your outfit photo, and it ended up on my tumblr dashboard. I decided to check your blog because I liked your outfit.
    Not to be creepy, but you look really familiar and I am 100% sure that you were in my econ classes. When I would see you in class, I always thought you were well-dressed. Your outfits definitely make an impression, and your blog is great.

  61. so pretty love the detail of your earrings...♥

  62. That outfit looks so cute on you! And you are really beautiful. :)

  63. Love this look it's gorgeous. Congrats on raising the charity money. Not bad at all.

  64. SUCH a stunning outfit! Your top is gorgeous!

  65. I love your skirt, you look amazing in that outfit! :)

  66. The bag and shoes are so perfect for spring and summer!

  67. I seriously love this outfit! Especially your earrings- they're gorgeous!!

  68. Love the whole outfit. Shoes are amazing! Great photos.

  69. Wonderful top, shoes, bag and everything:-) love your style girl

  70. Awesome look. You look absolutely beautiful!

  71. Super cute look! Love love love your wedges!


  72. Such a cute outfit. These colours look so beautiful together. I like. *

  73. My jaw literally dropped when I saw your shoes.........OMG amazing need these in my life!!!!!

  74. i love your platform wedges!

  75. Love that yellow bag - the texture is amazing

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