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lush shoot

March 13, 2012

A shoot I did last November for an LA clothing brand, Lush, is finally out! I'm pretty pleased with the results but couldn't expect any less after a fun day of hanging out with the impossibly beautiful Cambria and Julie, coordinating color-blocks, and eating through the endless supply of kettle chips. I had totally forgotten how light my hair was! I semi-miss it, but right now I am glad to be at my natural roots.

See the full lookbook on their website and check the front page for a super cute behind-the-scenes video. To anyone wondering, I believe you can buy Lush via Nasty Gal, Threadsense, and Urban Outfitters.

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53 responses:

  1. Wonderful look! I love it!

    Fashion Crazy Ball

  2. Very beautiful! You're a natural beauty!

  3. aw all you ladies are so gorgeous! i love the styling and the outfits!


  4. Really nice photos! The looks are great!

  5. you and julia look freaking gorgeous!!!

  6. Great.. great and great!!! And it looks like you had lots of fun!!!

  7. Looks like they have some super cute items, I'm going to have to check it out! You look fab in the photos btw!

  8. Beautiful top, You all look gorgeous !!

  9. I own several Lush items, love that label! You and Jules look like total eye candy.

  10. Gorgeous photos! :)


  11. Gorgeous pictures :-)

  12. these photos are lovely :)

    i'd love if you could visit me at

    maybe we could follow each other? :) xxx

  13. Wow, you look incredible! And aside from you beauties...the clothes! Stunning.

  14. you look gorgeous- these photos are beautiful!


  15. I love the green blouse on top! super cute!


  16. stunning looks!


  17. you girls look fabulous!

  18. How pretty! Love your makeup, especially the lipstick!

  19. Great shoot!!
    The pictures look great!
    check out my blog and follow me!

  20. Great pics! Love the summery feel!

  21. three gorgeous girls in gorgeous clothes....what's not to like?

    you guys all look
    Lovely and
    Sexy and

    your hair is seriously light! it really suits you though...but dark hair looks good on you too!

    your outfit in the second picture is definitely my favorite. super chic but also very fun.

    i'm loving all the flowers i see <3


  22. i absolutely adore your photoshoot! great photos and great colored pieces in your outfits!

  23. You guys look so lovely! I love the outfits too!

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  24. love the outfits! beautiful pictures.

  25. You look beautiful! Love it!

  26. I like the nice subtle braid they did on you.

  27. Great spring collection! Great outfits!

  28. gorgeous girls! Love the styling of the shoot!

  29. You look amazing! Wow, so gorgeous.

  30. Great photos!
    You look stunning! (All of you)
    Love your shirt in the first picture by the way.

    xo Sari

  31. You look drop dead gorgeous in these shots. You're so stunningly chic.

  32. Wow.. could you tell me how to do those braid? I love itt..


  33. Great. And what a beautiful blog you have.

  34. Seriously? you are ridiculous beautiful.

    Kiko Mizuhara + Alex Chung. Love this blog, love your style.

  35. Looking hot lady!


  36. beautiful style! wish I could do your makeup for a shoot you have stunning unique features!


    food and beauty blogger @

  37. Anonymous

    who is the blonde girl? =) xo

  38. you look gorgeous! love that leather jacket... wow!


  39. WOW you look really great! Love these pictures :-)

  40. you're lips coordinating with the coral belt is beautiful. :-)

  41. nice session!!!

  42. So cool photos!

  43. Beautiful!


  44. bold lips look so good on you!

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