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February 23, 2012

I was pretty inspired by the Band of Outsiders polaroid campaigns, with the most recent one featuring Michelle Williams. So awesome. Well, any excuse to whip out the Polaroid camera is a good enough reason. So when Stylemint asked me to shoot a few pictures in some shirts they sent (I’ve been living in the Hudson), I immediately knew I wanted to use instant film for this. Took these around the house on a lazy day in the middle of house-cleaning and playing with horse figurines while eating watermelon. Pretty stoked that the shirts are just thirty bones for something so soft and silky - makes stocking up less delinquent... but I guess it should be if it’s Olsen approved!

They were also sweet enough to offer readers a code for 20% off your first shirt! First buyers only and valid until 2/29 (act quick!). Use my promo code THATSCHIC!

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35 responses:

  1. adorable!


  2. loved the band of outsider campaign as well! they're awesome and i love your interpretation and imitation of them.

  3. This is such a cute concept, Rachel! I own the same floral print and tie dyed tees from StyleMint as well, love 'em. x

  4. Love these raw and rugged shots of you Raych! Super sexy and very indie-chic...speaks to your style right down to that fruit shot! Sublime!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  5. adorable pictures! love them :)


  6. Awesome! I love their site. And your blog! I don't do a lot of tee shirts, but I should! Take a look at my blog too if you can!

  7. i liked the funny face ones the best!

  8. What kind of instant film camera do you use? I've been looking for a good one

  9. oh how i love Polaroids! They are just so much fun to take and it gives such a unique shot. Love the pics!

  10. you look incredible! definitely will be purchasing. :)

  11. Great photos !! You're so pretty!

  12. I love stylemint and I love these photographs inspired by band of outsiders.


  13. I love these polaroid-esque shots!

  14. Love these polaroid snaps so much - makes me want to go and buy myself another polaroid camera!

    x Aprilia

  15. Your photos were very convincing, I finally took the plunge and made my first purchase. I got the Hudson, it looks so comfy and soft, I couldn't resist! Can't wait to get it in the mail!

  16. these pictures are amazing!

    i love the first one and the third look so cool!

    seeing you eating watermelon makes me want some.... :)


  17. You are so pretty! love all these photos! I'm into photography as well as drawing cartoons--a lot of which you can see by visiting my blog!

  18. LOL i love those polaroids :) sooo "homey" you know!
    def shows the real down the earth you!

  19. awesome photography. love stylemint : )

  20. I love me some polaroids. I'm immediately buying a shirt, could use a good shirt *zoom click click *

  21. I always love the Band of Outsiders lookbooks :) Good choice of inspiration!

  22. I love that picture of you eating the watermelon! hahaha so candid

    check it out!


  24. haha^^ such an interesting polaroid concept. the third picture of you eating...rockmelon?? makes me laugh =) very cute pic of you hahah^^

    Style Hostess

  25. so cute, haha love it! :)

  26. love the vintage vibe on the photos, looks like a real editorial!

  27. What i would give to be MIA's child.

  28. I love those pictures of yours... So fab!!

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  29. You look like kristine Dunst in last pic.. hehehe..

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  31. Hey you are looking adorable in all the photos and I like the way you carry this black dress with so much are really so cute indeed..!!

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  33. Wow you are dam are looking such a diva in the black dress above...just want to ask you more details regarding this outfit really.. :)

  34. All the photos are really good to see and you are looking very good in the black dress....I like the way you carry the attitude throughout the whole photo shoot!

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