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February 18, 2012

Had to fish through Facebook for all these pictures. Thank you Ted and Lexie for documenting this trip 300 pictures deep. I wanted to post NYFW pictures but felt that chronological blogging was more appropriate. Now the trip...

This day in Temecula started off months ago in October when I purchased tickets for wine tasting via Livingsocial. Matching everyone's schedule was so much more stressful than it needed to be, but so worthwhile when the day finally came. The crisp weather, best friends, and desolate wineries (unintentionally booked it on Superbowl day) couldn't be more ideal. A limo van whisked us around Temecula to four different wineries and fed us finger food in-between. So many cheesy picture options.  Twenty-four shots of wine later, we felt more zombie-ish than intoxicated. Definitely want to come back in Fall, namely to restock my wine bottles. Wore a dangerously short vintage dress with Seychelles boots.

Definitely not a sponsored post. In fact, there is a lingering joke that it's the most expensive blog post I've ever done. I want to give a hugeee shout-out to Rick Barry for the amazing trip and tour. Book your trip here.

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36 responses:

  1. your so lovely girl. Your never going to age. It makes me mad for a second then the lack of haterade I drink allows it to subside and I can smile and be happy for you :). haha Blessings chica


  2. Such lively photos, wished I was part of your fab crew :)


  3. Aww it looks like you had so much fun! x

  4. I've always wanted to tour wine country, will have to do so within the next year! Looks like you had a blast and love your "dangerously short" vintage dress. Such a gem. x

  5. Looks fun, love the mostly nutural colors worn, you almost blend into the soft background.

    Material Fixations

  6. It looks like you really enjoyed the day!!!

    xxx from Barcelona

  7. adorable!


  8. looks like so much fun!

  9. i could really use some sun now too!

  10. This looks like such AMAZING fun!!!!

  11. Wow, this looks like so much fun!! Love your dress and boots!

  12. This looks awesome and like so much fun!


  13. Very pretty!


  14. very beautiful

  15. I love these pics!! Happy sunday! XO Rebecca

  16. Someone PLEASE tell me where the dress of the girl thats in on the right in the second photo is from???
    Me wanna so bad!

  17. Looks so amazing, might just try this in May! You are so beautiful even when you're 'off duty'!

  18. So beautiful and expansive!

  19. amazing dress
    nice photos!

  20. Great photos, you look awesome!

  21. Haha, that looks fun. But I'm such a lightweight, that I probably wouldn't know the different kinds of wine after my second glass.

    Thanks for sharing. It's a great break from all your fashion post (not that I don't adore them).


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  23. Glad you have an amazing trip! Sharing moments with best friends is irreplaceable!


  24. i'm over the NYFW photos anyways! These are beautiful photos, reminds me of my time at a vineyard. Thanks for sharing!!

  25. it looks like such a fun time!


  26. Sounds super fun. Though day drinking always seems like a good idea and then we always get zombiefied. I wanna visit a winery. Love your dress too.

  27. Yes I would like to know where your friend's dress came from too!

  28. LOVE your purse. who makes it?

  29. your look is chic and simple! i like it! :)

  30. Looking gorgeous as usual! <3

  31. Thanks all! Friend's dress is from Zara and my purse is from Coach :)

  32. cool as headband you have there Rachel =) really liking the scenery view of the vineyard. especially in the last photo.

    Style Hostess

  33. That looks soooo fun, I want my friends and I to be all fancy and sip wine like we know what we're doing. Haha it seems like such a perfect weekend! Also, you all look so chic- I love your friend's floral dress and booties

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  35. Wow the photos are really awesome and perfectly telling the whole fun story of your people are looking full of energy and happiness and this is the most awesome part of the photos....Great Photos!!

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