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February 8, 2012

Vintage Biba dress. Coach bag. Zara sandals. Forever 21 belt. Vintage necklace (from Jules!)

Glad I didn't have to wait till summer to wear this dress. Found it in a vintage warehouse called Rewear Warehouse in Anaheim. The place is decent but only worth checking out when the store is half off (on Wednesdays and weekends I believe).

Definitely into the whole high slit thing right now. And, I can't even oogle enough how much I love the print of this dress - like enough to frame it if there was a twin laying around. No idea what to wear this weekend though. I might possibly die.

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66 responses:

  1. Such a beautiful dress! Love how you matched with your necklace and belt. I'd love to check out the place soon. I'm so happy you live in OC too :) Thanks for the info! xo akiko

    Style Imported

  2. I'm definitely a sucker for such vintage dress, but the slit! It is superbly magical way to modernize the whole look. Plus that amazing necklace and neon belts altogether, definitely look of the week!


  3. I LOVE the combo of colours youve used. Boho CHIC!

  4. oooh, girl i see you rocking that little leg slit! so cute! the colors are fab and you just look so chic! (how fitting, haha!)


  5. Oooh! Hotness! And those sandals. I'm really missing the vintage/thrift stores back home right now - what a gorgeous find!

  6. Oh i love the dress! The print is so lovely and the high slit makes it just a little bit more different.
    You look beautiful!

    Love, Sari

  7. Wow I love your dress! It's amazing! x

  8. beautiful :)


  9. I love this look. I have a similiar frock.. Also vintage..
    Please visit my blog

  10. This dress is a stunner! Love the contrast of the neon belt with the earthy colors of the dress, I'm going to have to try this asap! It's been pinned!

  11. Gorgeous dress :)

    x x Stace

  12. You really found the perfect accessorizes to modernise your vintage dress.

    What a beauty! I love the bohemian style on you ;)


  13. this dress is so delicate!
    i love it!

  14. Oh my God! Run to a Starbucks!!

    It looks freezing.... I don't know how you do to take the pose and look great!

    You definitely deserve your cafe latte!

    Good luck at the conference ;)


  15. This looks just perfect on you!

  16. Beautiful dress ! So epic !! You so lucky of wearing summer dress right now. In Paris, it is just impossible...

  17. i like details of that dress!! :)

  18. That dress is an absolute gem. The beaded detail on the bodice and that high slit just make it that much more perfect. x

  19. that dress is just so pretty, loving all kinds of texture and print mixing

  20. lovely color and dress!


  21. What a stunner! great dress!


  22. beautiful dress. love how you've styled it with all those colours. so spring

  23. a little tongue n cheek there :P i love the print!

  24. Love the details of that dress


  25. What a beautiful dress! I love the patterns!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  26. that really is a beautiful dress

  27. Love the pop of neon with your belt!

  28. What a lovely dress! Big kiss from Buenos Aires

  29. Lovely sunglasses!

  30. gorgeous look! i can't believe that dress is biba, amazing find.

  31. Love that dress! It's so bohemian and romantic, it looks very summer-y

  32. Such a beautiful dress and I LOVE the way you brought in the neon with the belt. So unexpected but works so well!

    You should stop by my blog – I have a Sephora lip collection (lancome, stila, benefit, etc) on giveaway that ends in a few days. Not too many entries so the odds of winning are still really good!!


    Lisa Marie

  33. Love it .....helps me to inspire for some new scarves or pictures.... just lovely. Congratulations,

  34. Vintage Biba! Adorable

  35. Its a Indian ethnic wear dress..its a KURTI worn with some pants and jeans or trousers or Indian pants and churidars....she gave it a new dimension...nice try.....

  36. This dress is amazing with all of its little details--- I especially like it with that neon belt! Great styling!


  37. Loving this outfit!!!

  38. such a cute dress! i agree, the pattern is lovely.

  39. absolutely love the splash of color in the belt and shoes!! They compliment the pattern of your dress so well :)

  40. great biba vintage dress!

  41. Quite the lovely dress; bet it will be dandy come summer.

  42. i love the print and neckline of the dress as well as the bright yellow belt and orange sandals you paired with it. overall, everything about this look is TERRIFIC!!



  43. Oh what a gorgeous print!
    Love the sandals

  44. bautiful dress..I love how you styled it you look great!!

  45. Gorgeous! Love the dress!

  46. I LOVE your blog, has the right amount of EVERYTHING!And you are gorgeous!

  47. gorgeous dress, love the colors and boho feel!

  48. that is a very nice colorful dress.

  49. Cute dress!

  50. If anyone wants to buy this kind of dress,in very cheap prices..pls mail me at
    I have thousands of colors and designs to offer.shipping charges applicable as per the location...pls feel free to mark me a mail..:))...u won't regret...

  51. Love the sunnies as well as the dress, of course! Which brand are they? (sunnies)

  52. That dress is divine. Loving the pop of color on the waist.

  53. Kita

    As beautiful as this outfit looks on you, I just wanted to let you know that this is not a dress. It is actually called a "Kurti" or a "Kameez". It's a part of the everyday Indian outfit, worn usually with a "Salwar" or "Chudidar". The slits are to help with easy movement.
    Also, this is not vintage. If you walked into an Indian/Ethnic store, you should be able to find these pretty easy. "Biba" is a very popular, contemporary store in India. It is in fact, one of my favorites and I have bought several "kurtis" to wear as mini sun dresses myself!

    That said, I'd again like to reiterate that you look beautiful :)

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