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a year through my phone

January 1, 2012

I'm really terrible at documenting my day-to-day's through the eye of my camera, but my phone sees a lot. One of the pleasures of maintaining a blog is being able to look back and relish memories otherwise forgotten. Not that I post a whole lot of personal stuff here... but each post is its own entity. I came across this post I wrote in 2008. So weird reminiscing and how much I've grown; I can at least say I still feel the same way. 2011 has treated me well, and I thank you all for reading! There is so much to look forward to in 2012 - hope you all join.

Some memories (not in chronological order): went to a few concerts: Glee Live,  surprised my friend with Lykke Li tickets, saw Ellie Goulding perform on a rooftop in Manhattan, fell in love with Foster the People; found a secret spot to watch Disneyland fireworks (as well more than quadrupling my annual pass value);  explored Dallas; watched my baby cousin grow; met one of my idols, Kelly Wearstler, and had dinner with her (omg!); visited Conde Naste for my Lucky Magazine shoot; but most importantly got closer than ever to the people who I care most about.

Some resolutions: be behind the camera more often, graduate UCI, invest in camera equipment, keep my thoughts and closet clean, travel and go to shows, purify emotional and physical toxins, drink more wine, share my inspirations, and don't get comfortable. All looking towards a tangible future. xo

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21 responses:

  1. It's so neat to get a few glimpses into your daily life. Love Foster the People and your resolution to "keep you thoughts and closet clean." I hear ya, girl. Have a remarkable new year!

  2. Great pics! Happy new year to you!

    Suzi x

  3. According to you iPhone.... you did some pretty cool stuff this year haha. Happy new year!!

  4. beautiful captures!


  5. Looks like some wonderful memories. Happy New Year!


  6. seems like it was great year! Wish that the next be even better (if it's possible :)

  7. great resolutions! ever since I got the iphone I stopped using my regular camera, I should bring it along more often. looks like a fun year! xo

  8. I LOVE fireworks and genuine photos! -Jessica

  9. That little girl is beautiful! Love the pictures.

  10. You are way too cute, even in phone-camera photos. Love these little shots of your life!

  11. I just found your blog, it is really interesting! I love that you go to UCI. I will be attending UCI in another year as a literary journalism major!


  12. happy new year lady! and get excited as i have no doubt 2012 is going to be an AMAZING one for you!
    big love - bel xxx

  13. love it babe. happy new year!!! xx


  14. Happy New Year!! It looks like you had so much fun in the past year and I am sure that 2012 will be even better for you!!

    I sometimes get too lazy to bring my camera out because it is so bulky. But just like you my phone keeps so many memories from my day-to-day life.



  16. Great post :) happy new year!

  17. I do too love to look back at what I have seen, experienced and done through the year! it is a great way to remind you what a great life its been.

    Happy New Year all the way from Miami.


  18. Haha tell me your secret spot for Disneyland fireworks! Other than right in front of the castle, I can never find a good spot, but I hate waiting to save a spot too....
    You have awesome pictures! I think my phone sees more than my camera too. It's easier to carry around a phone anyways :)

  19. great pictures. and it sounded like you had a great year! best of luck in this up and coming year~


  20. Rad sweater+skirt combo. Happy New Year!

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