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up north

January 16, 2012

Enjoyed San Francisco in a whole new light with a ton of sight-seeing and massive amounts of food. At an earlier point in my life, memories unforgotten, my parents used to take me for an hour drive to the city. Exploring it for myself, outside of their supervision, gives me a new appreciation for this city that gets better with each visit.

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63 responses:

  1. love the shorts!!! I am obsessed with that mustard yellow at the moment! Inspiration!!!

    let me know what you think about my other inspirations!!

  2. Lovely photos!

  3. LOVE this post babeee! can i have your nails?? xx


  4. These pictures are pretty! Love those nail art you did, lol I had a good "scared" laugh :p

  5. great job with the photos! I love your perspective.

  6. i see you ate so much good food!! absolutely love SF

  7. Great pictures!
    xo Madeleine

  8. It's always such a delight to view a city with a new perspective. Glad you had such an incredible time. x

  9. This was just too good. Loved every image.

  10. it looks/sounds like a wonderful visit! love the pics :)


  11. best post I've seen in the last few days, love everything about it- your shoes, outfits, bag, city pics... Love it!!!!

  12. those pics are just amazing !!

  13. Love, love, love these photos! And, I still can't get over those Charles Anastase wedges, they're so fabulous!

  14. loving those yellow shorts!!!

  15. Oh my lord. Eyes on your nails. Rachel, you never fail to amaze.

  16. The eyes on your nails are crazy!
    haha.. I think that is the first time I have ever seen that.

  17. WOW SUper Kewl nails :)

  18. cute nails!

  19. Words cannot describe how envious I am - SF is probably my favourite city in the world.

    And, your nails - how long did it take you to do those!?


  20. San Francisco is where my heart is :)


  21. beautiful photos, love your hair!


  22. I'm going in February and I can NOT wait! Will be my first time in California too.

  23. Love the shoes!

  24. you and your damn zico haha

    miss you crazy

  25. i love SF it's such a gorgeous place.. YOUR NAILS ARE AMAZING!

  26. love the shoes!


  27. had to do a double take on those eye nails! SO AWESOME

  28. whoaaa.. your nails are just too cute!!

  29. I can't wait to visit one day. It seems like you had a wonderful trip!

  30. Amazing pictures! I love them all!
    Certainly looks like a wonderful and amazing trip.


  31. great pics & lovely sunset. x
    suzi x

  32. Ahhh San Fran Sisco - I'll get there soon! Plan to make the trip from here in Australia as soon as possible!!

    Just found your blog while browsing bloglovin and so glad I came over :)

    I'll be following now - you have great pictures xx

    Morgan x

  33. Idiot... haha I do realize it's San Fancisco ... might help if I could spell if it's somewhere I wanna go lol

  34. Nails are sick, I spy the Naked 2 palette. That plate of food looks divine.

  35. love those nails! its such a cool look! i always have my nails painted and really would love to do some nail art only problem is im crap at art. i'd love to know how u did youre and if youd be interested to share youre nail tips with us readers.
    thanks for the inspiration xx

  36. love photos! you look amazing!

  37. im finally going ot san fran this june any suggestions for hotels/cheap accommodations and places to check out/eat?

  38. SF is beautiful and I love your nails! They totally caught my attention as I was flipping through your page! I've seen different designs but eyes are totally different. Enjoy SF!

  39. Hey darlin! I don't know if you remember me or not, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm back and I love what you've done with your blog!

    here's my new post, please visit if you have the time [:

  40. Oh and I'm totally jealous of your trip to SF, it's only my favorite place in the world :D

  41. Amazing photos! And I am totally crazy about your mani! Wow! xo, Christina

  42. Just explored San Fran recently and found new things in the city, as well. I adore your style, Gorgeous.

    te amo,

  43. want your shorts and leather jacket so bad!...and your breakfast :) need to get out to CA again soon, so beautiful.

  44. Beautiful photos!

  45. OBSESSED with your eyeball nails!

  46. I adore the mustard shorts!!

  47. beautiful photos, I agree with you, S.F such a lovely city I've been living here for almost 5 years and just love it more and more.
    Love you mint dress , supper cute.

  48. You have awesome pictures, and I love that bird patterned dress that you have! :)

  49. Lovely photos, those nails are amazing

  50. Wow, each & every one of these photos is fabulous! Stunning photography - looks like you had a wonderful time in SF :)

    <3 Shawna

  51. ahh! those eyes are so cool/ceepy!! haha love your posts!!

  52. Love the photos! You definitely captured the essence of SF. Cheers!

    Inspirations & CELEBRATIONS

  53. lovely photos.all feature one of my favourite the evil eye nails.x

  54. San Fran and sunsets -- the lovelies of life!
    International Blog and Shop

  55. those shoes are amazing! i love your style, def following you on bloglovin :)

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