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lingering in line

January 12, 2012

For Love and Lemons kimono. Style Sofia skirt. Seychelles shoes.

This was taken the day we got to San Francisco after a peaceful 5AM drive from Orange County. Naps are usually inevitable after hotel check-in. But we were wired (or delusional) from lack of sleep paired with McDonalds iced-coffee and the weather was pleasantly Orange County-esque (unlike the 80 degree winter I just left), so we walked a few blocks down to finally try Swan Oyster Depot. Clearly killed the wait time by snapping a few pictures before it got awkward for other oyster goers. I can vouch that it is the freshest seafood I’ve ever had (the combination salad, omg) foreshadowing the rest of the weekend with lots and lots of oysters.

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50 responses:

  1. You look fabulous here! Plus I'd kill to visit SF look awesome!


  2. Pretty honey! Love that gorgeous uber haute lingerie made for the streets of SF...Very chic! I actually hear their winter is very much like ours this year...totally global warming, man.

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  3. I really like your maxi kimono, it makes the whole outfit more retro :)

  4. fabulous simple look!


  5. Adorable as always! Looks so warm there - I'm jealous!


  6. love your booties and great pale pink skirt!

  7. Such a demure and lovely look. You look fantastic after a long road trip! And the oysters sound delectable. x

  8. You need to side step girl! I wanna see the heel on them shoes! :)

  9. I love this outfit so so much

  10. You look amazing, Raych!
    Love the kimono thing you got on - the tassle sleeves and the nude colour have me drooling!
    Where is it from?


  11. i love this simple, neutral outfit.. so california ;) and i wanna try those oysters yummmm !

  12. amazing look!!!

  13. ah, seriously so pretty. i love the color scheme. :)

  14. you look so cute!i like your skirt!

  15. So chic! How do you like SF- I live there :)

  16. The blend of neutrals is just genius! :D


  17. love the shoes!

  18. Nice outfit, really like the nude palette :)

  19. OMG! I LOVE YOUR KIMONO!! It is so beautiful :D !!

  20. cute kimono, love the color :)


  21. Lovely!


  22. the fringe details are really nice. Really loving the color scheme!

  23. That's a beautiful kimono; I love how minimalistic it is and it really lets the detailing on the sleeves and hem stand out more. The proportions in your outfit are great and I hope that you have a lovely weekend in San Francisco xx

  24. pretty kimono!

  25. Louise

    you look beautiful :). I was wondering if you could do a post about your fav. songs at the moment??

  26. Anonymous

    Love the outfit! I have apir of wedge booties just like that from Chinese Laundry! They are so versatile.

  27. lovely outfit, fantastic colors <3

  28. that kimono is perfect as are those shoes!


  29. Love the soft blush tones in this outfit! I see you were in my neck of the woods recently, glad you were here during our warm spell!

  30. I really love that kimono! Incredible styling :)

  31. You have an awesome blog! love your outfits!

  32. Love the Kimono!

  33. P . E . R . F . E . C . T!!!!!

  34. Looks comfy, but still stylish!

  35. I love your Kimono.


  36. you just give calm and good vibes with this pictures!

  37. The Kimono is RAD!


  38. your outfit looks great and i will have to try the oyster place when i go to sf again!

  39. Love the femininity of this look! Very nice blog. I'm now following you =)

  40. this is a great outfit!
    i love the pale colors they have such a sweet feel but it looks amazing!!

  41. very simple and cute outfit.x

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