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January 10, 2012

Insight top. Le Petit Petit jacket. Therese Rawsthorne skirt. Pour la Victoire shoes

Just came back from a quick getaway to San Francisco and plopped straight into the beginning of a school quarter. I have so many great pictures from this weekend – can’t wait to post it! Wore this outfit a little back at the Lab where I sat in the hat store and talked to Christine for two hours about paranormal activity. I guess I didn’t really need to sleep that night.

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51 responses:

  1. Great outfit, killer skirt!


  2. I just love the mixture of the rocker chic jacket and the demure floral print. And how super pretty is that skirt?! Can't wait to see your pictures from SF!

  3. you look amazing!! that silhouette is so chic

  4. Gorgeous outfit as always! I love the well-placed pleat details on that skirt, and it's perfect with that sweet floral top.

  5. The shoes are perfection! Love the leather too!


  6. I love your leather jacket!

  7. Oh my lorrrrd Rachel, you always get it right! Lovelovelove the floral print with your super unique skirt. Ahh, adore.

  8. that second photo is cute. I like the combination of the top and leather jacket
    fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

  9. that second photo is cute. I like the combination of the top and leather jacket
    fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

  10. Amazing combo... looooove it! XO Rebecca

  11. Love these shoes! Where did you get them? I've been having trouble finding Pour la Victoire shoes in stores, the only place I've found them is Nordstroms.

  12. I love this! And you're right, anything that has to do with paranormal activity is not my fav. I mean, I NEED sleep. so I usually just avoid those conversations.

    found the route

  13. Loving those shoes. And doesn't talk of the paranormal freak you the 'F' out!? I know it's not real, but my mind plays tricks on me in the dark. Good god.

  14. Those shoes are so chic! :D


  15. Stunner!
    So jealous you got to go to SF for the weekend - I miss SF so much, gah!


  16. love the sandals!!!


  17. lookin cute as always dear. good luck with the school quarter!

  18. really cool skirt.
    checking out therese.

  19. I LOVE that jacket. so rocker chic!

  20. love how this is both edgy and feminine. just perfect. :)

  21. great skirt. and loveee your shoes

  22. Those pleats are killer + the jacket is great!

  23. The Insight top and leather jacket look very cool together! The jacket makes the outfit.

  24. Killer skirt and shoes! I love everything you're rocking. :) The leather jacket added the perfect edge to it!

  25. I notice you're going Australian with the choices of outfit :)

    Nora Finds

  26. Love your outfit! Sweet and chic but has a tough edge to it :) You look really great!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  27. Those shoes are unbelievable!

    XX Kathryn

  28. i want those shoes! great find. x

  29. You look really pretty!!!

  30. So nice seeing you ! Love the top and " Pour la Victoire " shoes !!

  31. Love these shoes. You have an amazing shoe collection

  32. cute outfit. love the skirt

  33. love the top, chic print!


  34. What a killer outfit!! So cool!! Love everything, especially the shoes!

  35. This pictures are beautiful


  36. Love this look!


  37. Girl you look amazing! Miss you!


  38. Love the whole outfit!

  39. You look stunning , those shoes are killer !!!

  40. love the pattern of that top!

    <3 Alison

  41. Ugh, Paranormal activity, I can't watch two or three, ha.
    but...awe.some.shoeeess! Love the corset top as well!

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