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January 4, 2012

One Teaspoon dress. Rebecca Minkoff bag. Charles Anastase wedges

Really trying to break these shoes in right now. Not that they’re uncomfortable or anything, just, being 7 inches taller and imagining all the possible ways I can twist my ankles makes me break sweat from nervousness. They’re so pretty but attract a lot of attention, or is this what it feels like to be a six foot female? But I am happy about wearing this dress in January versus waiting till summer. Love the flare in the sleeves and hem. Imagining it on the beach with some In N’ Out on a really hot day. Can’t complain – I’m just two thirds of the way there.

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80 responses:

  1. OMG that is an amazing dress... love the shoes too !! you very iconic !!

  2. OMG...this dress is so glamour and chic! I love it!

    Fashion Crazy Ball

  3. ooh I love the dress with those wedges! very chic! Hope you have a blast in SF! Take lots of pics :)

    love from San Francisco,

  4. Oh I love your wedges!


  5. love this outfit!!! looks fresh and comfy!
    the shoes, the shoeeees I want them XD

  6. It's not the shoes, it's you you pretty thang!...and yes, a 6ft version of you is even more honey, hot!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  7. gorgeous wedges!!!


  8. I'm loving the dress! Crochet is my favorite!

  9. I love those wedges! Even though they're high they look like they'd be super comfortable.

  10. The silhouette of the dress and those sky-high wedges are mind-blowing. Extremely gorgeous, girl. x

  11. Those wedges are fantastic!

    XX Kathryn

  12. Like the shoes!!!I can imagine it must be difficult to tame them ;)

  13. Cutie Pie. Love thissss. xo, Kim

  14. those shoes!!!!

  15. love that dress, and those shoes are crazy high! I don't think I could wear them, I feel so strange when I'm towering over everyone.

  16. 2 words: awesome shoes !

  17. They are gorgeous... but that's also REALLY high.


  18. really great look!
    and great photos!

    Fashion Philosophy

  19. You look gorgeous, and those shoes are AMAZING! x

  20. those are the perfect wedges!

  21. That dress is so pretty, I love the bottom of it!

    Carmen Ri.

  22. you are so bold to be wearing those! they make your legs look killer

  23. love these super high platforms, pure awesomeness

  24. I love checking out your blog ^^ your hair is so pretty and the photos are delightful!


  25. Love those shoes!
    I always thought the same thing - is it the height of the shoes or is it that I'm towering over other people?


  26. That dress is stunning on you, especially the color. HA! Being a tall girl attracts attention, or maybe it's how awesome your outfit is!

  27. I want In & Out soooo bad.

  28. such a simple and comfortable look. I love how you threw those statement shoes on with the sweater dress. Very casual chic. Nice.

  29. beautiful simple springy look!


  30. i LOVE those shoes that you're wearing. so jealous you guys have such warm weather... hate the non-stop rain here in Vancouver right now haha... x

  31. Your platforms are darn hot... You look smokin'...


  32. You look adorable, the wedges are my favorite.

  33. I wish I could wear that shoes! It's really lovely!

  34. love the dress - great colour on you. and your shoes look amazing

  35. This entire outfit is stunning in simplicity and design. Makes me dream of summer and warmer weather already.


  36. they look amazing...but i don't think i can pull them off. i am too klutzy!

  37. I love this post because it's so personal! By the way, the shoes are looking great (just as you do)! =)

    xxo Nissy

  38. those shoes are flippin amazing!! i cant stop staring.

  39. I can't believe that those wedges are seven inches tall! They actually do look quite comfortable despite the very good point that this would not be the time to be klutzy. It's a great colour combination and I'm glad that you haven't managed to twist your ankles! Have a great rest of the week!

  40. So cool! XO Rebecca

  41. You look gorgeous. I want to go to where you are and steal those shoes!!! Sweet blog!

  42. Lovely outfit, and nice shoes..!

  43. your dres is so gorgeous,dear!
    Have a nice day <3

  44. wow! i'm in love with the shoes and i like this's very fresh!!/chiaracavoto

  45. Wow, the shoes! Amazing outfit <3

  46. Wow, the shoes! Amazing outfit <3

  47. Wedges are fantastic. Need those.

  48. Your shoes are just epically amazing! Ahh drooling over them!

  49. I love so much this dress
    kisses from your follower! ♡

  50. I LOVE the fact that the shoes are 7 inches tall. ARG need and want.

  51. Wow! Amazing shoes

  52. I love your shoes! Good luck with them! I wish I could dress like that this time of year. We have temperature below freezing and lots of snow. Much harder to dress!

  53. those shoes are KILLER! You'll break them in I am sure!


  54. Amazing outfit!!!
    I love everything!
    The dress is so beautiful, the color is fantastic :)
    Amazing blog.


  55. Major wedges, love it.

  56. i love that dress, so cute!!


  57. That is the kind of info that are supposed to be shared across the internet.

  58. I love, love, love your look.
    The dress is stunning.

    Sara Ottavia C.

  59. Well, as a girl who is 6 feet, I can say that I do get some stares and quite a few comments, but its probably because they're checking to see if i'm wearing those shoes!! haha but you are rockin them! Enjoy being tall!

  60. absolutely gorgeous shoes! you look amazing!

  61. those shoes are incredible!! <3

  62. Love the whole outfit!

  63. omg I love your outfit, prefect outfit over all :)


  64. Wonderful wonderful wedges, they suit u perfectly!:)

  65. too high for me, but you can def rock em! love it.

  66. Ugh I'm so jealous! I would love to wear a mini right now, sans tights. You look awesome!


  67. Ahhh. I lovee those shoes. Your blog is amazing, definitely what I want to strive towards for mine! Great style girl, lovely dress.


  68. OMG those wedges! inlove

  69. Anonymous

    Love it! Also, yes being a 6' tall woman does attract some attention - as well as the obligitory, "can you reach something for me..."

  70. I'm not going to the beach wearing those wedges.

  71. They’re so pretty but attract a lot of attention.

  72. A really eye catching dress and shoes.

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