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January 23, 2012

Losing a wallet then shopping for one somehow temps me into rebuying everything else that will surround said wallet. Like a new purse. But I still haven't found my perfect wallet, this one almost does it except for the size. Everything else is a slight upgrade, but I can vouch for are the Korres lip glaze in Pomegranate (super moisturizing and perfect tint of color - can't live without it!), green tea mints, and the headphones (but I broke mine). A similar situation happened when I got a new computer and decided to change my whole room. But this is a lot cheaper. And slightly more sane?

Theyskens' Theory WALLET | The Row "Audrey" SUNGLASSES | M Missoni KEYCHAIN | Korres LIP GLOSS | L'Occitane LOTION | Clare Vivier TOTE | Zagg iPHONE COVER | Madewell PENCIL | Topshop BROOCH | Tocca "Cleopatra" SOLID PERFUME | Lexar FLASH DRIVE | Eskuche HEADPHONES

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29 responses:

  1. I love it all! The bag is cute, and I love the sunglasses.


  2. I have the Korres lip glaze in Jasmine! i lurve it soooo much!

  3. Hahaha funny year new gear honey! Chuc mung nam moi babe! Hope it's the start of a super adventurous and auspicious one for ya!

  4. Dude, your imaginary be.. le rocks my socks.

  5. i love this post. somedayyyyy

  6. I like your imaginary bag a lot.

  7. I was just introduced to Korres before Christmas and I want to try a few more things. Love the sound of this lip glaze.

    I can vouch for the L'occitane Rose hand cream. It smells exactly like fresh roses- it's my absolute favourite.

  8. Oh this sounds so familiar!
    Love every single product you choose and i think i definitely need to refill by every day bag ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love it all BUT my Fav is the GOrGeoUS Missoni Keychain. Aww!! SO Cute!!
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  10. The kaleidoscopic wallet and the darling Missoni keychain are my faves. x

  11. That wallet is amazing!!


  12. L'occitane lotion is a must have especially during these brutal winter months-I use their lip balm as well! the flash drive is a great idea as well! and the missoni key chain is just darling!! great post!

  13. amazing picks!


  14. I want those Audrey shades! They are gorgeous.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  15. I totally agree, I can't just buy one thing, I need the whole package. Love the sunnies and I cannot live without that l'occitane lotion.

    Jen (JP)

  16. Spoil yourself! Love the wallet you posted, I'm a sucker for a vibrant wallet, makes it easier to find in the depths of your bag haha.

  17. stop in Vivier and Bentley for the CV tote and more!!

  18. I like your imaginary bag a lot !! such a cute key chain & i love the Korres lip glaze, too.

  19. i want the sunnies and the earphones!! they're adorable :D haha

  20. Anonymous

    L'Occitane products are perfection!

    A beautiful choice!

  21. Amazing ! love the TOTE !!

  22. Loving the photos, your look, the layout of your blog, just everything!!

    I was wondering if you'd like to check my blog and/or follow each other. If so, please do let me know so I can also follow you on Google Friend Connect :)

    Love, Dani

  23. I love this idea! I always dream about getting an awesome new bag and putting just as awesome things inside of it haha
    I may have to feature this on my bloggity blog :)

    In the Light of Style

  24. the bag...the shades.... and the little dolly.... I love it!!


  25. Love every single product you choose and i think i definitely need to refill by every day bag ;) office desk

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