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sky high gardens

December 6, 2011

Le Petit Petit jacket. Free People top. Marni skirt. Martin Margiela shoes.

I really don't mean to fall off the face of the Earth every time a quarter winds down, but I did manage to get out last weekend with some friends for the d.RA sample-sale and supporting Jules' at her adorable tea party. Jenny took these for me at the rooftop of the event whilst we were battling afternoon winds. Clearly dressed a tad too spring for the weather, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking my new skirt out for a city stroll.

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47 responses:

  1. Those shoes!! Dying - they're so cute. I love this look on you. You look so earthy.. haha, is that a weird way of describing it? Either way, you are super chic. Good luck on finals! I remember those days!


  2. What I love most are all the gold accents. Such classy and romantic attire. Looking super pretty, girl. x

  3. beautiful patterns! love the two-tone heels!


  4. Spoken like a true Cali girl...No amount of winter weather can get you away from wearing what you want honey! Beautiful skirt, very vintage inspired!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  5. Beautiful colours and patterns!
    Aisha xox

  6. Love the feminine mix of patterns against the jacket. What a gorgeous and sleek skirt! Wish I'd arrived earlier to the d.RA event so we could have met!

  7. Super cute outfit! Love it!
    xo Madeleine

  8. pretty, pretty skirt!!

  9. you look beautiful I lovee those shoes!

  10. love these heels, so versatile and so perfect

  11. great outfit! love the shoes!!!

    ciao from italy!

  12. You look the whole outfit! Nice skirt & shoes!

  13. Love your outfit! The combination of so many patterns and textures is so pretty!!
    Bella xo

  14. cute shoes!!

  15. Beautiful styling! I just love that skirt and jacket.

  16. All the colors in this outfit are great. I love how you combined the mustard/yellow with the brown and green. Great jacket too!


  17. beautiful skirt

  18. Love all the mix of prints, textures and colors. Those shoes are amazing.

  19. So classy and pretty. Great simple outfit!

  20. love your jacket!

  21. I love the shoes!

  22. great outfit, your style is so unique and creative !


  23. I love everything about this outfit, the well worn jacket, skirt and the chic heels. <3

  24. yes, that's chic ;)

  25. loved the outfit~ and skirt is just adorable. have a Cupcake sweet day!

  26. Such a darling little outfit. We've been battling windy weather here in Miami too. Makes for hard shooting sometimes or fun depending on what you want your pics to look like ;)

  27. I simply love you margielas....always thought they were such beautiful shoes...

  28. Love the post! We think your readers would love to hear about Chic Little Devil's HUGE Sample Sale!

  29. WAHH love the python bag!! You're killin' it girl. Killin' it!!!

  30. The look is so unique!!You look amazing!!!!

  31. love this blog! and love the shoes that you're wearing here

  32. wow that really is a chic outfit :)

  33. amazing shoes!!! simply incredible.

  34. Love this outfit!! The shoes are gorgeous!!


  35. love it love it love it. you look incredible and the photos are so pretty as always.

  36. Love this print really cute. You look lovely as always.

  37. Great skirt, love the fact that you brought out spring colors!

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.

  38. Beautiful outfit :) The pattern mixing is impeccable. Well done!

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