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just one dalmatian

December 19, 2011

Vintage top. Arth hat. Pour la Victoire purse. Kasil jeans. Gifted Loeffler Randall boots. Samantha Wills necklace. Michael Kors watch.

This whole year I somehow managed to deviate from jeans thus becoming a skirt person. But tights are never within reach for consideration to solve this too-cold-for-a-skirt situation, so the weather transition helped perfect my inevitable jean collection with three in rotation for daily abuse: this, these, and a pair of those waxed JBrand jeans. Also, extremely stoked about these boots. They are so perfect and comfortable in so many adjectives I can't think of - Thank you Kate!

Had an amazing weekend two weekends ago when my friends took me out for all you-can-eat Korean BBQ and ended the night with a long session of karaoke. Unnaturally, the night went undocumented. The only proof the night existed was a morning raspy voice (from attempting Bohemian Rhapsody) and a watch on my wrist that I’ve wished for ages. A gift from Daron that will also get its fair share of daily abuse.

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46 responses:

  1. i love those boots and your hat!! cute outfit.xx


  2. Adore the Dalmatian print, and those boots are fabulous. x

  3. love your heels! and you can never go wrong with a chic hat :)

    love from San Francisco,

  4. You're so beautiful that I don't even miss the other 100 dalmatians.
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  5. Cute! Spots are hot honey!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


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  6. casually chic!


  7. I love your cover-up and the heels of those boots! Looking very chic but very comfy :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

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  8. Love this, there are so many dalmation prints around but that top it truly unique xxx

    Merry Christmas! xx

  9. Super cute outfit and I love those shoes!

    xo Emma

  10. Super cute outfit! Love that 'dalmatian' top :)
    Happy Holidays!!
    Bella xox

  11. The dalmatian print is awesome. And I love your boots and hat. Black and white are safe colors, but with your pieces they totally stand out.


  12. Wow- dalmatian print is something I haven't seen yet! I love it, so original :)

    XX Kathryn

  13. great outfit. love those boots

  14. I love the spots! That is one of my favorite movies... sometimes I turn it on for my pooch! haha

  15. I am over the moon just looking and adoring your Loeffler Randalls!!!

  16. You look great! love the top & boots!

  17. great outfit!!

  18. Lovely shoes!!
    xo Madeleine

  19. love your dalmatian sweater because it's not that ussual print and it's so cute!

  20. So cute, love the shape!


  21. Love that vintage top and the way you cuff your jeans. I never cuff my jeans, I don't think I'd look as cool.

  22. I'm going to need a list of your vintage hot spots next time I head to L.A. You find the BEST things.

    I think you posted some thrift how to before but it must be too far back for me to find.



  23. I love the buttons on that vintage top!


  24. This Cardigan is really great!!!

  25. Love the dalmatian print! It's adorable! xo, Christina

  26. adore that cardigan, such a cool colour

  27. Very chic and effortless look!

  28. coolllllllllll!!!


  29. absolutely love the dalmation print!

  30. absolutely love the dalmation print!

  31. I love the boots! I love Korean BBQ too - its very addictive!


  32. Cute jacket!

  33. I love these Loeffler boots in black leather. So casual and posh!

  34. Ohh I love dalmatian blouse!I'm a leopard fan but I guess I have to try the dalmatian print too;)

  35. hi! it's the first time that i bump into your blog and i really like it! you share photos, video, ideas in a different way and i like it! good job!

  36. I have seen this outfit, but with sendra biker boots instead. I prefer this one ;) nice blog

  37. what a statement piece! i love that sweater! great blog :) have a happy new year and i hope you visit me some time!!

  38. really like your polka dot over-throw! works so well!

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  39. Love your style! very chic dalmatian darl.

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