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hair talk

December 18, 2011

Finally got around to cutting my hair since my last summer cut. I can always trust my girl Tani at Sassoon Salon (in South Coast Plaza for all the locals - she's amazing!) to cut my hair once, and I will be happy for half a year. It finally got to a point of clunkiness I couldn't stand anymore. I think the most asked question I get from my blog is how I do my hair and here is a quick rundown to the extent of my knowledge.

Tani told me she cuts my hair from underneath and lets my top layers hang loose. Hair dresser lingo that doesn't really make sense to me. My hair texture is strange... wavy, kinks easily, thin but coarse, and I'm very, very specific on how it falls. It almost exhausts me explaining my hair situation, so I'm glad I finally found someone who understands my hair better than I do. Which led me to the discovery that being able to predict your hair is the foundation of a haircut that suits you.

Styling. I sleep with my hair wet (and shampoo it every other night), wake up to an unattractive, curly mess, then run a flat-iron through my hair to recreate waves. The previous beauty post has my Psssst bottle that I've almost used up; next product I want to try will be non-aerosol, so Clean dry shampoo it is. After I run dry-shampoo through my hair, I finger a dollop of Moroccan Oil. Love this stuff enough to rub it all over my body, but that would be a waste of money. This helps with frizz and weighs down my waves, which is good. When my hair is feeling flat (usually after a day or two of no shampoo), I use Bumble + Bumble surf spray or Kérestase Oléo-Curl, which smells like peaches and makes strangers stop to sniff.

Hope that answers your questions. Thanks for the recommendations on the last post about jar-enclosed moisturizers! Can't wait to try it out.

Last thing, don't forget to enter my $500 giveaway - that's enough to buy you ALL the giveaways I've hosted and some new beauty products ;)

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21 responses:

  1. Ahhhh - I have heard so much about Moroccan Oil but haven't tried it (I must be the last one on the planet who hasn't...)!
    Love your hair all the time and how it's just so naturally beautiful!
    Wish I could pull of a short cut like yours! ;)


  2. Your hair is and always will be super cute, no matter what you do with it!
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  3. cool!!!stuuning hair!

    xoxo from rome

  4. I waan try that surf spray!

  5. I need some surf're hair looks great!

    found the route

  6. I wish I suited a haircut like yours! It's always interesting to know how other people do their hair.

    xo Emma

  7. gorgeous hair! love this hairstyle!


  8. i love your hair!! i just chopped all of mine off and it was so scary. i'm only on day 1 of it, so still getting used to it. xx


  9. Gotta love that surf spray! It works wonders! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  10. thanks for this useful post ;)

  11. Anonymous

    your hair always looks beautiful to me :D

  12. your hair always looks great!! is moroccan oil the same as argan oil?

  13. Great blog! Frizz is a problem for me...does the oil really work? Does it look greasy at all?

  14. guhhh now i have to go out and buy all these products to try em out!

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  17. Love catching up with all the latest beauty stuff, I work at a salon myself but not on the hair side of things. I stick to eyebrow threading and manicures , much easier :)

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