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althea christmas

December 24, 2011

I remember seeing these Charles Anastase wedges last year when blogs were raving about pre-orders at a hefty price of $875. Haven't really seen them since the hype died - so to me, they were just covetable shoes that Elle Fanning wore and were pretty intangible for the rest of us. But, here they are, virgins from eBay, sitting on my bed. An early warm, warm Christmas present to myself.

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37 responses:

  1. Laaaav the shoes Rachel.
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  2. Oh honey she's a BEAUTY!! Merry Christmas babe, enjoy a splendid holiday season!!

  3. These are really cute! The wedge is such an insane height, I don't think I could walk in these at all! Can't wait to see how you style them. :]

    Shop Preloved ♥

  4. omg walking on stilts. can't wait to see them on you!

  5. Love the wedges... beautiful photo of the sky... Merry Christmas...


  6. hey
    happy holidays
    I just opened a new blog
    hope you will visit

  7. woah! great find!

  8. Yay, what a good early Christmas present to yourself! Hope you have a Christmas (:

  9. omg they're amazing congrats! merry xmas!

  10. Wow! They are amazing!!!!
    Great gift :)
    Merry Christmas!


  11. shoes looks amazing...:) happy holidays

  12. Omg! I want to see you with them on you! Marry Xmas! Love chiara

  13. AHHHHHH so JEALOUS!! I must own those wedges!!
    xo -vv

  14. Lovely present that you bought for yourself! I did the same....

  15. beautiful pair!


  16. showdown_wedges. got me stunned =0 wish you a lovely xmas too!

  17. showdown_wedges. got me stunned =0 wish you a lovely xmas too!

  18. Those wedges are awesome!!


  19. OMG! What a present! :D
    I'm in love with your new shoes :D

  20. amazing shoes! I would like to have some ones like those! ^^

    xx, Rachel

  21. Love the shoes!


  22. I WANT IT!!! they are perfect! i am sure they are super comfortable as well, or at least it looks like...
    merry xmas!!!

  23. Wow rachel, those wedges are fabulous!

    xoxo Maria

  24. Beautiful wedges!!!

  25. Those are rad! I would hurt myself on them, but it'd be worth it.

  26. Amazing shoes! Looking forward to seeing you wear them! xo, Christina

  27. Beautiful photos, stunning wedges!

  28. What a splendid pair of shoes, I'm incredibly jealous. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  29. amazing shoes! i wish they were mine!


  30. O_O the shoes! <3

  31. Cute and stylish wedge shoes, love them, i plan to buy a new one.

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