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penny prep

November 21, 2011

Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer. For Love & Lemons shirt. Mink Pink skirt. Loafers c/o Tory Burch

Wearing a blazer that has been loyal to me for several chilly seasons now, so I paired it with yet another circle skirt I own. Not going to lie, the denim color kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies. Of course I realized this when I wanted to wear all denim and realized that the denim is so unnatural. Don't ask me how denim can look unnatural - it just does. I'm thinking of dyeing it a darker blue or black. Reading this is scaring my accident-prone abilities. I will keep you guys in the loop if you follow my Facebook page I made last week.

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52 responses:

  1. you look adorable, i love the skirt.
    i bet it isn't as cold where you are compared to scotland ;) x

  2. I always love your posts because you have an inner elegance in everything you do!

  3. great look my friend. the little skirt is super adorable.

  4. cute! and your nail polish add a little drama.

  5. I love your entire outfit especially your blazer. Very cute!!!


  6. The poms on your shirt are sooo cute. I great diy too that could spruce up any shirt.

  7. great look!

    Fashion Philosophy

  8. Love the denim skirt xxx

  9. love this outfit. the loafers are a nice cute touch. most of all i am adoring your hair. it's quite perfect/

  10. Cute school girl look. Love the blazer.


  11. lovely combination!
    great top + skirt!

  12. i'm definitely getting into the knee highs! but i have to do them over pantyhose cause it just feels better.

  13. ahh, love that outfit! that blazer is so perfect, the color is great!

  14. love how all the colours work together

  15. love the socks and loafers!

  16. This outfit is fantastic, you're so beautiful!

  17. such a lovely look. I like the high socks lots!

    X, Annie

  18. love it, especially the loafers!

  19. Rocio

    Love the blazer

  20. I love the blazer! It balances the whole outfit :) just darling!


  21. cute look!


  22. Gorgeous, I love that skirt :)

  23. outfit looks great on you - i especially like the loafers and skirt!


  24. I love that outfit. I'm dying over preppy blazers and penny loafers right now. Your look is so put together and chic!

  25. love the blazer

  26. Me encanta tu blog! me encanta tu ropa, tu onda y tus fotos! me da mucho orgullo que seas Méxicana. Aunque soy peruana yo lo siento muy cercanos y los quiero mucho! VIVA MEXICO! y viva el chile! jajaja, que rico!!!
    besosss desde Perú!

  27. really great top and loafers!

  28. You look so chic, love it!


  29. This is such a cute look and kind of reminds me of the private school girl look. The blue against that tan blazer is really suiting.

    Cup of Fashion

  30. Perfect look that fits you in everyway! love the combo of colors !!!

  31. Love the jacket!

  32. So cute! That knit looks so amazing! XO Rebecca

  33. I think the 'unnatural' denim really suits you, Rachel! Then again, find me a single item that wouldn't ... if I forced you into a potato sack you'd still look like a model.

  34. vintage skirt is adorable.
    have a Cupcake sweet day!

  35. Love this entire outfit!! So so pretty!!


  36. You look adorable!

  37. Schoolgirl suburban cool. I love your penny loafers and that vintage Ralph Lauren is so very nice.

  38. you look amazing girl!


  39. I LOVE that shirt and skirt together!


  40. love your look and your style! I've a passion for the loafers and yours are so beautiful!

  41. This outfit is gorgeous! :D

  42. OH SO BLOODY SCRUMMY! The hair is lookin good also

  43. Such a great outfit !!!

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