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urban light

November 13, 2011

Kasil pants. Joie shoes. Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply jacket (c/o). Pour la Victoire bag. Banana Republic necklace. Vintage shirt.

Dressed down in an Americana kind of way playing tourist at LACMA the past weekend. Got a huge bowl of acai for the drive home to satisfy my belly the same way LACMA satisfied my eyes. Can't wait to go again. To the reader commenting about the lip color in the video earlier this week: yes, it's Punch Drunk by Urban Decay which is what I'm wearing here, except layered on. Excuse the cheesy smile in the last picture, everyone needs a corny picture by the iconic lamps.

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59 responses:

  1. Your necklace is gorgeous!

    Carmen Ri.

  2. Great outfit! I especially love your necklace and hair...

  3. Anonymous

    Love the necklace and denim jacket. You always have such good pictures. Love you!

  4. such a perfect americana look -- adore the slouchy-ness and that chandelier necklace xo

  5. love the lamps! really cute pictures, love your outfit :)

  6. You look so pretty I love that necklace!

  7. simple and chic! love the chinos!


  8. love it! simple... chic

    thatschic lol

  9. I love this lip color on you. My biggest concern is maintaining a rich red that does not smear, especially after a meal. Just feels gross. Whats your secret?


  10. so gorgeous! i just love that necklace as well

  11. love the necklace

  12. great necklace

  13. The second capture is super cute. Loving the wash of your denim jacket. x

  14. That necklace is so beautiful. You should take a close up shot of it! :)

    Castle Fashion

  15. LOVE the lip color.... it is absolutly stunning! May I ask what brand it is?? :)

  16. Beautiful shots! I love LACMA... my fiance are long time members, and we actually had our engagement photos taken there!

    I love that vintage blouse. I looks so comfy, but still polished and sophisticated.


  17. Love love love the necklace!

  18. gahhh. i miss acai bowls. i used to eat them a lot when i went to school in sd. you reminded me i need to find a place here in L.A.

  19. loving the whole casual chic ensemble, perfect city look

  20. So cute! Have an amazing week! XO Rebecca

  21. I just love the necklace! it gives the right pop to the whole outfit! :)

    for healthy tips visit my blog :)

  22. amazing look!

    Fashion Philosophy

  23. GREAT LOOK! Seems so effortless! Just thrown on look.


  24. I can't choose my fav piece of this outfit bcuz it's all so awesome . Well done ;)

  25. Amazing look! xo, Christina

  26. that statement necklace is perfect with your casual outfit!

  27. love your blouse

  28. that necklace is absolutely amazing!


  29. Love your necklace!

  30. Gorgeous necklace!

  31. Love the chic simplicity of this look-that shirt, those pants, that necklace...perfection!
    xo Cara

  32. Love those shoes and the BR statement piece necklace!


  33. love your necklace!!! Great pictures!

  34. AHHH Rachel this outfit is SO beautiful! Love the shoes, you always look to bright and happy!

  35. I love how you matched this outfit with bright lip stick and gorgeous necklace. Casual yet feminine :) Love it-

  36. great way to make khakis and a denim jacket youthful and a little glamorous. love the lipstick and necklace.

  37. U always look so effortless, I love your truly one-of-a-kind style. xx, Davee


  38. Jil Sander boots look like WhyWho ones, same style, no ?

  39. Ah wow she looks fab - but if I tried to wear that I'd look like a tramp! xxx

  40. absolutely adore this look, and that necklace is perfection!

    <3 Alison

  41. Looking so cute as usual. Love the clean all American look.

  42. Love the jean jacket. Cute and casual outfit.


  43. Your shoes & necklace are beautiful!

  44. I like so much this outfit so easy but chic! you have a beautiful hair cut I'm trying to have the same!!

  45. Alexalooks

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  50. Love your outfit, especially the necklace! ♥

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