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uniforms with christine

November 9, 2011

Making outfit posts is one thing, but my friend Christine posts videos of them. I think I grew afraid of the camera after my initial video blogs with Ted - that many of you ask about, and so far we haven't made future plans for more. Anyway, Christine and I got together for a productive Sunday at SoCo in Costa Mesa and played with her new camera. If you're not subscribed to her, YOU MUST.

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31 responses:

  1. Cute video!!
    You look amazing, I just love that sweater :)

    And that color on your lips looks so good on you! I wish you had found it in your purse :)


  2. It's so cool to hear your voice. These are so refreshing!

  3. You look so cute on video, don't be afraid to post more!

  4. Argh! You are so adorable! Love hearing that Cali accent!

  5. I love this! you're adorable, and every element of your outfit it to die for :)

  6. Love the video, you're so cute!

  7. Haha you're so adorable! :) Though you seem a little nervous haha.

    It's nice to see a video of you, and I love those boots. :)

  8. cute video! you should do more videos!

  9. your so cute! i love your outfit :)

  10. I love the video format! It's always such a treat to hear the voice of the bloggers that I read regularly. (I also love when I get to see their actual handwriting... I'm not sure why, but I think it's so cool to know how they write.)

    Great outfit! I love waxed jeans, and those are super cute. I look forward to seeing more of your videos! :)


  11. You're so cute! I love your outfit, too. It's simple but really chic.

  12. So cute! XO Rebecca

  13. You did great for a first try at the video post!! Love the peter pan collar!


  14. Rachel, you're even more beautiful in motion! It's weird to think that other bloggers are REAL haha I know that sounds crazy ... but we always just see still pictures, so this is nice!

  15. You sound really cute. Looking great!

  16. Hooray for videos! Looking forward to more.

  17. Love your whole outfit. Especially your bag!

  18. Ahhhh you are so CUTE!!! I love the part when you start doing mini squats to show off the stretch of the jeggings. HAHA! Love that lip color on you as well. Would love to see more videos!

  19. Jazz

    Regarding your lip color....did you mean PUNCH DRUNK instead of SUPER PUNCH? Just wondering...since I looked everywhere for Super Punch and didn't find anything. :/

    But anyways you look pretty in the video and love your voice. Post more vids please! Or make more vlogs!!

  20. I just love this outfit!

  21. Great video!

  22. Cute blog, very chic :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  23. cute video ; but what about the bag, loved it . where is it from please ,pretty please !

  24. great video!

  25. Seriously adorable. Your hair is perfect waved, and love your lip color!

  26. C.U.T.E VIDEO!!

  27. HI I love your are so beautiful,please post the video how do you style your hair.Thanks.

  28. The sweater has been amazing in the video...I enjoyed your video a lot and you are looking very good all the way till the end...I am hoping to see more and more videos like this from your side!!

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