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November 6, 2011

Juicy Couture Stinger Coated Jeans. Style stalker top. Seychelles shoes.

Every piece I am wearing is slowly becoming a closet staple, these shoes especially. Probably the most comfortable pair of platforms I own glorified in a velvety black that happens to go perfect with anything. Wearing it with a blouse with sleeves sensitive to wind simplified with a pair of waxed skinny jeans. I guess Fall is officially here with the time-change and all. As a sun-worshipper, it's a little disheartening looking out the window at 6pm to a pitch black sky.

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72 responses:

  1. Everything abou this outfit is so effortlessly beautiful!

  2. fabulous shirt!

  3. That Stylestalker blouse looks heavenly on you, girl. x

  4. simple yet chic!

  5. I LOVE that shirt. It's such a nice contrast to the heavier pants and shoes.

    I'm with you on the 6 pm-and-dark nonsense. I hate heading home from work and having no daylight left by the time I get home!


  6. Love this style! Simple and chic. I especially love how you accessorized and wonder who makes the beautiful belt.. Gorgeous bracelets too..! -akiko

  7. you look awesome

  8. Classic black and white at it's best.

  9. Nice top!

  10. Simple done well! Have an amazing week! XO Rebecca

  11. lOh, how I get you! I grew up on the French Riviera, but I am now living in London, and I just can't get used to it! 4.30 and it's already pitch black here! Oh well...

    At least, that is one stylish fall outfit!

  12. Love your outfit, including all the details! xoxo

  13. Gorgeous look!
    Simple and stunning :)
    I'm in love with your shoes too!


  14. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  15. love the bell sleeves!

  16. The top is so beautiful and those shoes are just chic! x

  17. I love this white top, and the shoes are obviously so awesome...

  18. The shoes are so beautifull!
    x Annelien

  19. Love your chunky heel and bag!Your style is perfect♥


  20. I love Stylestalker! That blouse is gorgeous on you, kinda pirate like? Love it though!


  21. WOW! Love your look!

    Where is your necklace from?

    x Mallika

  22. Love your pants!


  23. wow the details of this outfit make the black and white basics of this outfit amazing !
    ps, !

  24. i love your blouse so much... ;)


  25. superb outfit! simplicity at its finest!

  26. I lovee that blouse! and the hints of gold in this outfit :)

  27. Simple but perfect. The belt makes it rock

    XO Charlotte

  28. Those shoes are amazing, lovely look xxx

  29. I love your look!!

  30. Loving this outfit, especially those platforms. They're stunning!

    Just Came To Say 'Hello'

  31. Simple, comfy (at least it looks it) and chic!

  32. Love the lacing detail across the bust!

  33. Great flowy top. I really love the laceup part. :)

  34. so im in love with those shoes.

  35. Where in the world is that belt from? It really makes this outfit!

  36. Those shoes!!

  37. You look really beautiful and healthy in here!

  38. I love the style. So simple yet so elegant.

  39. You look so stylish even in such a simple outfit ... maybe it's cos you're just too gorgeous. Yeah, that must be it.

  40. Love everything about that look, above all the shoes.
    Perfect combination.

    Sara Ottavia C.

  41. Love everything about that look, above all the shoes.
    Perfect combination.

    Sara Ottavia C.

  42. great bracelets!


  43. LOVE YOUR SHOES AND BELT!! great post

    Check out my blog...what do you think?

  44. FAB outfit!! Love those shoes, especially!


  45. this is the first time I visit your blog.. and I have to say that you're so chic!

  46. Love this outfit! Who makes that belt?! Love it!


  47. Anonymous

    Love that white top and black pumps


  48. Love this outfit! The top is beautiful and I love the gold details on your belt.


  49. simple yet fabulous, love the outfit. xx elle.

  50. such cute shoes! love this outfit. so glad i found your blog :)

  51. love that shirt ! available in black?

  52. In love with those shoes!

  53. chic top and collar!


  54. love this look just like i love all your looks haha. also you're too cute in that video.

    ps am i a total dork for being ridiculously happy that you commented on my blog? lol. i think i am.


  55. The belt looks so so interesting. ID it dude!

  56. i lovvvvvvve this outfit!!!!!!! amazing

  57. Totally in love with your accessories as well.

  58. Awesome belt! where can i get one of those

  59. Great outfit! Who makes the belt?!?!

  60. Love the way you've paired these pieces! They work so well together.

  61. love this outfit! And loving your blog!! Adding it to my list!

  62. I adore this shirt!


  63. My favorite part is the belt! Where is it from, Rachel?

  64. Amazing heels :) and I like your style :)

  65. Beautiful Pics. Thank you for sharing these. Keep blogging.

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