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November 3, 2011

Kelly Wearstler blazer. Club Monaco skirt. Pour la Victoire purse.

It took me nearly a week to come down from my thrill of not only meeting Kelly Wearstler - but also enjoying an intimate dinner in her Beverly Hills home last month. I imagine the impression of entering her foyer to be in the ballpark range of how golden-ticket owners felt entering Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. The pictorial walls, quirky furniture, multi-colored depth were all too familiar behind the screen of my laptop.

Notable frolicking aside, Kelly is pleasantly candid and grounded as she is talented. Don't have any pictures from the night since I didn't want the cumbersomeness of carrying a camera, but you should definitely check out her house for yourself. It made the drive back to Orange County seemingly duller than usual, but I at least have this blazer as a keepsake of the night.

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63 responses:

  1. love the colours

  2. Oh you are such a cutie with this outfit! I need to learn from you!

    Nora Finds

  3. Very pretty, the glasses are my favorite! xx

  4. Such a great skirt! Happy friday! XO Rebecca

  5. absolutely perfect, loving this mix of yellow and burgundy

  6. Girl, you need to post more! I miss them :)

  7. Super nice color combination!


  8. Such chic color-blocking. You look fantastic. Glad you had such a lovely, surreal time.

  9. There's something about that this colour combination that I really, really like. It's so interesting and I wouldn't have thought that these colours would work so well together but they *do*. I really like your top as well x

  10. omg love this outfit! esp. the bag is just perfect!!!

  11. totally gorgeous colour combination!

  12. this outfit is PERFECTION!

  13. You looked like you jumped into a pile of pastel color, and came out looking like a princess! Love it all, especially those rad sunnies.

  14. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

  15. gorgeous. i love everything here. the colors the shoes the photos. always incredible posts. hope you're having a great week!

  16. oh I love the color on that skirt! I thought your comment on the recent Matchbook magazine was hilarious!!

  17. Those shoes kinda remind me of Martin Marigielas sandals frommmm....Uhhh. I can't remember the season. But they had a similar design. They were so cute. And I love all the color :)

    Castle Fashion

  18. Cute skirt!

  19. Nice colour-combo!

  20. cute blazer! looks great on you~


  21. I love the neon skirt - such a great piece!

    I also love your necklace - is that actually rainbow brite?

    Congrats on meeting Kelly Wearstler! I can only image how thrilling that was!


  22. the sunglasses and the purse put it over the top for me. AMAZING.


  23. Love the outfit, Raych.
    All those colors are so pretty on you. Those sunnies are my fave!


    Don't forget to enter my giveaway where you could win a beautiful 14k gold pendant necklace!

    Aprilia Love

  24. love how colourful this look is

  25. Amazing colors! You look fantastic! Have a wonderful weekend! xo, Christina

  26. Love all the color combination you're working! You look amazing! I love this outfit so much :)

  27. I love it! I love the color of the blazer combined with the Club Monaco skirt.

  28. love love love this skirt!! and your rocking it!

    Rach X

  29. Anonymous

    Who makes your shoes?!?!? Amazing!!!

  30. amazing outfit girl!!! so chic. love that color of the skirt, its pretty much awesome

  31. I love the color of that blazer - and it fit is perfect on you. Very nice casual and chic outfit.


  32. I've never met Kelly, but her work is flawless. She is gorgeous and has a great sense of style.


  33. highlighter yella... my fav

  34. great post, followed via blog lovin.
    check out my blog if you want:)

  35. Great look, love the sunnies!

  36. I'm half in Italy!

    this skirt is perfect on you!

  37. love your skirt
    amazing outfit, love it!

  38. love the color combo!

  39. Love your skirt!


  40. Great Color Mix!

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    Enjoy and get inspired!


  41. love your purse and sunglasses! this is such a fun outfit.

  42. stunning!


  43. Love the concept of color blocking! It looks great on you!


  44. Stunning outfit.

    Loving that skirt..!


  45. fun neon colors!


  46. great outfit!! love the neon color.

  47. love the lime green skirt!!! I am always looking for that color that just pops!

  48. Cute shades and yummy colours!

  49. this is so perfect, raych. colour perfection x

  50. Great cobo. of colors!!! I love this outfit.


  51. such a great unexpected color combo!

  52. Love your outfit!

  53. Beautiful colors ! That males a great ensemble!

  54. Have that skirt too, and love it. Digging your brights :)

  55. This is one of my favorite outfit! And bloggers work. Sigh. Ever since you got that bag, I WANT IT!!

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