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made of hay

November 1, 2011

All year, every year, I come up with thousands of ideas of things to be for Halloween. This year I planned a month in advance to be either Yuna from FFX2 or the Nyan Cat, but with non-existant party plans, I naturally procrastinated putting effort into costume making. The scarecrow happened when I realized I wasted my weekend and threw this together last minute to go to Disneyland - typical me. Thankful that Stylestalker sent me this dress in good timing. Apparently theme parks don't allow costumes, so I had to de-hay myself; but like every situation, Disneyland made everything better.

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40 responses:

  1. SO cute!!! XO Rebecca

  2. I love that you had to de-hay yourself at the happiest place on earth. And that Stylestalker dress has stolen my heart with those suspenders.

  3. you look very cute! i was dressed up as a sushi on halloween, wasn't too convenient to work in :)

  4. hahahah cute fun! Dland all dressed pass just expired but I'm iffy about shelling out $300 for another one...remember when SoCal residents were only $20?? Ogeez inflation sucks!

    Happy Tuesday hun!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  5. you make a cute scarecrow

  6. This dress is amazingly perfect. Love the "costume" too. heh.

  7. Super cute! Wish I could just hop on over to Disneyland!

    Can You Keep A Secret

  8. Aww that's such a sweet costume!

  9. Anonymous

    My friend was Nyan Cat!

  10. theme parks don't allow costumes?!! seems ironic..

  11. You look adorable I love those overalls!

  12. very cute! i love disney land!

  13. so cute.

  14. One of the more unique costumes I've seen floating around! Saving this idea, if I ever need a costume in a pinch.

  15. Such a cute costume, it actually looks good even though it was put together last minute! x

  16. Ooh you're so cute, great costume!
    xoxo have a nice day

  17. You look pretty
    love your outfit!~

  18. Hihi cute!


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  20. Cute outfit!

  21. ADORABLE! Although I would loved to have seen you as the poptart Nyan Cat with rainbows coming out of your butt... next year ;)

  22. disneyland always makes me feel better :) regardless hay or no hay. you look so cute!! can't believe they dont allow costumes. what a bummer

    love kat

  23. hahah, disney does make it all better! hope you had fun... your costume is very cute considering it was thrown together so fast!


  24. How unfortunate you had to de-hay yourself. Hay is awesome. And kudos for you not trying to be overbearingly sexy on halloween.

  25. I like it :)


  26. This is so cute! You look great :D

    Flo xxx

  27. Wow you are looking so sweet in this outfit...I like the way you wear that hat..It seems your wardrobe is really amalgamating the new fashion with the traditional looks..SIMPLY AWESOME!!

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  31. Aaww you look so cute in this hat...your dress is looking such a contemporary one indeed....I like the way you posed in the pic as it is a sweet way to do so!

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  36. Where did you find that amazing hat? What shoes did you wear with this scarecrow costume?

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