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day doris

November 30, 2011

Sachin + Babi top, d.RA skirt. Marc by Marc boots. Target socks. Vena Cava trench

Forgot to snap a close up of my long-lived favorite boots (that I actually bought off a reader - how she parted with these, I don't know) paired with tri-blend socks from Target. I strongly convinced myself that I paired together soul-mates. I'm rewearing the outfit I wore to Thanksgiving sans tights. The top is from Sachin + Babi layered with asymmetric ruffles upon chiffony goodness, and the skirt is yet another seasonal favorite.

Pretty in love with this line that I'm sure you've seen spreading the blog world like wild fire. Can't wait for spring to grab some of theseee pieces. Luckily for you guys, Sachin + Babi is giving away this top I'm wearing on their Facebook. Just give them a 'like' here and my Facebook page as well.

Good luck everyone! Contest is open until December 12th.

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66 responses:

  1. this looks so effortlessly chic! LOVED it!

    Giveaway at my blog:

  2. The boots, blouse, houndstooth pattern...all stole my heart in an instant. x

  3. Love that graphic houndstooth! I'm so used to seeing you in muted tones and blush colors, such a visual treat Raych! Beautiful mix!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  4. love that skirt

  5. More into that gorrrrrrrgeous trench! Love the slouch!

  6. love this look, what a cute skirt!

    come to my blog!

  7. i love your skirt.

  8. Love your skirt! Super cute outfit!
    Bella xo

  9. I loveee this outfit, perfectly styled.. amazing skirt! I wish you posted more I love your blog :)

  10. Love your skirt! I like it!
    Maybe you’ll have time to visit my blog :)

    Fashion Crazy Ball and My Facebook Page

  11. Perfect outfit! xo Madeleine

  12. You look great! Love the skirt!

  13. Love the houndstooth patterned skirt! And the styling of the whole look is great - it gives just about enough attention to the skirt, without making it the center of attention.

    An Unusual Pop Of Orange + GIVEAWAY

  14. Ive seen that print making a come back!!! Nice, I really enjoyed it a couple seasons ago!

  15. loving the houndstooth skirt :)

  16. chic mix of elements!


  17. I love this look! The houndstooth skirt is really cute.

    Shop vintage ♥

  18. great outfit. love those boots

  19. the houndstooth skirt makes SUCH a statement, such a great look!

  20. what a unique loook! i love love your blog ! keep it up! btw, y ou have such a stunning face :)

    ♥, Candace from july+after
    latest post: back to black

  21. Very cute look! The skirt and the boots have great contrast!


  23. so stylish. like the skirt the most.

    for real BOOKS LOVERS... :)

  24. cozy outfit. loved the skirt.
    have a Cupcake sweet day!

  25. Perfect look! Love the clutch! xo, Christina


  26. That skirt is awesome. Great styling as always!

  27. i like this outfit!

    ciao from italy! :)

  28. what a chic skirt, so classic!


  29. How do you look good in everything?

  30. you're so beautiful!
    i love the clutch

  31. Love the blouse and skirt! Very very pretty!!


  32. Beautiful! Love that skirt!

  33. that skirt! omg, that skirt!

  34. WOW, that gorgeous skirt is a keeper. I love the print of it, it looks so great with what your wearing. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.

  35. Love the pattern of your skirt!

  36. Love the boots and the houndstooth skirt!

    Happy friday!

  37. that gives me the Chanel-vibe!!! Made a jacket with a fabric very similar to your skirt!


  38. love this outfit, it looks so chic!!

  39. love your shorts. i'm a huge houndstooth fan.


    nikki from

  40. Love this effortlessly chic outfit !!!

  41. Too cute! The trench, boots, and top are my favorite pieces (:

  42. Bring back the houndstooth! Also your eyebrows are so perfectly shaped!


  43. Totally love your skirt and boots. Great look, very you!

    XO Charlotte

  44. I love the hounds tooth! Very interesting pictures. Nice job.

  45. now I remember! goodness. I recognized you at the d.ra event! I was there with the other bloggers.
    I wish I would have just said hi! haha


  46. Hey! I'm a blogger from Mexico, and I love your blog you've got a lovely style, I was wondering if you could check out my blog! I'm deffinitely following yours!


  47. That herringbone skirt offers a nice twist to the look.

  48. Love it!

  49. I like this outfit!

  50. Love that !! You're so beautiful !

  51. Great blog. Love the images and photos! They are so fun to look at.

    mia from

  52. i'd love it....

  53. Love the outfit! It looks so casual and chic at the same time!

  54. i adore this skirt....if you want to follow my style click on

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