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October 17, 2011

Vintage jacket, boots, and blouse tied to skirt. Threadsense sequin top. Pour la Victoire bag.

So it really wasn't my intent to look like I hopped out of a resort collection, but I was keenly persistant to wear this jacket. And with no pretty pastel skirts at my disposal, I had to find some clever way to drape and bandage a valued button-down that has been blogged to death. Olivia was nearby to romanticize my outfit shots by cascading fallen rose petals per her idea. Each shot was as futile as the next, but the one with her arm probing into the frame with a blast of petals in my face was a winner. An even a bigger winner is a picture of a picture of us shoved into a Japanese photobooth (Sticki Picki's in Diamond Jamboree!).

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56 responses:

  1. I want to be your friend. You're so stylish. But I'm uptight and grouch out at people shaking the table at times so I don't think we'd get along..poo ☺

  2. I never said how much I love your style and your photos! Your blog is wonderful! And your hair always looks so amazing! I tried to style my hair just like your but it never succeed.

  3. hi pretty lady. god i fucking love sticker pictures esp the ones where you can draw stuff all over em. your hair looks a different color....i likeey!

  4. Florals, sequins, pastels! You pull it off and I like it!

  5. You two are too too cute! Isn't it crazy how some $5 photobooth pix become more telling of your personality than pro-shot images of you strutting yo' stuff with the latest and greatest??

    That right bottom corner shot is my fave! You, channeling Minnie, chic as can be, Olivia like a sexy little preppy minx....So haute honey, can't stand you girls!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  6. This look is so lovely! I love how you turned the chiffon top into a skirt, such a brilliant idea.


  7. Such a playful post- your paradise blouse is a lot of fun. The tossing of petals is genius. And I miss sticky pix photobooths so much.

  8. obsessed with that shirt! has a very vintage feel to me, which of course i love


  9. making your shirt a skirt for the moment is genius. you make it work!

  10. Oh hey, I am Raych and I take a random blouse and turn it into the most adorable freaking skirt! :)

    So cute/creative, love it. <3

    Oh and I dig those photo booth

  11. Fashionable Asian Hunniez. <3

  12. shirt skirt! That's awesome!

  13. So pretty and light. Too bad it's already too cold to wear such garments in MA here.

    COMPLIMENTS....!!! :)



  15. Your outfit made me want to go on vacation (and it doesn't happen often)! The jacket looks great on you and your photos always inspire me. Oh, and such a fun sticker photo! It's so popular in japan and I had so many when I lived there :) -akiko

  16. i love that you used the shirt as a skirt. i need to test this out.

  17. Great and cool!

  18. so cute! great photos!

  19. You are breathtakingly gorgeous!!! You remind me of Maggie Q! I usually hate it when people compare me to certain celebs though, so possibly ignore that statement. Anywho, Lovely outfit! :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  20. I just love your style! This outfit is so pretty and summer-y! :D

  21. floral-disco-chiffon-esque chic! :p nice mix and match there girlll. followed :)

  22. Great sequined top!
    Bella xo

  23. Beautiful bag!

  24. I love your sunnies! Such a pretty frame color.

  25. This look is just perfect!! The sequins, the floral print, the soft tones, and then the black shoes and bag. LOVE IT!!

    XO Charlotte

  26. You're so gorgeous raych! Amd a friggin genius with the shirt as skirt option, coulda fooled me :)

  27. Ohhhh god - you two look like so much fun to hang out with! Japanese photobooths? They are way too much fun to resist!
    Love the look too, Raych - the resort look suits you! :p


  28. I'm definitely envious of the fact that you can still wear resort looks during fall! Love the top!

    The I on Fashion

  29. SO COOL!!!!!

  30. I love your sequins top! Such a brilliant idea to turn a shirt into a skirt.


  31. Your blog is great and I love your outfits!

  32. i love how you put your outfits together!

  33. I love the 'resort-wear' feel your outfit has. The sequin top breaks up the overly shabby chic feel. Love it.


  34. love how you layered spring-ish pieces for a mid-season look :) and those photobooth pictures are too cute

  35. so, im in love with the color scheme of your outfit. amazing. i especially love how you tied your blouse as a skirt! so clever! you and olivia are just too gorgeous.

  36. you always look gorgeous and so effortless. love the shot of the flower petals!

    i remember my photo booth days and the insane amount of $$ i've spent on them! xx

  37. Just discovered your blog. Love the sequins! Such a great look! ~jen

  38. I LOVEEEEE what you've done here. soooo romantic and beautiful!


  39. love ypur boots...

    What do you think about my vintage Moschino dress?

  40. what fun photos - you and you friends look so cute.
    ...and i love that horse print blouse!

    Chic on the Cheap

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  42. Love these photos, they look so fun and summery.

    p.s. You kind of do look like Lily from Modern Family hahaha, but no worries cos she's super cute & I want to hug her every time I see her! .. Okay that's kind of creepy. Never mind.

  43. love all the vintage!

  44. love this look
    your bag & sequin blouse are too cute!
    your blog is awesome :)

  45. Love your floral jacket, looks great with your sequin top! Reminds me of the Cath Kidston prints.



  46. I check out your blog on a regular basis, it's always exciting to see what awesome outfit you've got on. Love this outfit, the perfect mix of girly and tough :)

    MK Style Diaries

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  48. Hi, we're just starting out a food/culture blog written by two hilarious girls (if we do say so ourselves..) in college, and would love it if you would check us out! We adore your blog, and it would mean the world for us if you looked at it (and maybe followed us?)

    Dalz & Rox

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