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October 7, 2011

Debuting my awesome vintage dress altered then adorned for the Teen Vogue party. It was decades ago... but that goes to show how behind I am on blogging. Magically framed braids around the front of my crown and took these pictures while waiting for traffic to die down. Alongside braid accessorizing were bright red-coral lips. The party took place at Paramount Studios where I danced with my blogger family to Solange Knowles' beats. But the highlight of the night is what happened after the party: Roscoes Chicken and Waffles happened.

Happy Friday everyone! Upcoming post this weekend: Dinner with Kelly Wearstler [omg].

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47 responses:

  1. These pictures are the most professional I've seen on your blog, at first when I read 'Teen Vogue' and saw the pics, I thought maybe it had been a photo shoot FOR Teen Vogue. That watch is pretty amazing!

  2. These photos are just perfect...the dress, the it!

  3. Ah I love this dress! Just the right amount of 90s, no? YOu look great! And omg, chicken and waffles sound delisssh! xxAnisa

  4. I love your dress!! You look fantastic :)

  5. love!

  6. amazing!

    Fashion Philosophy

  7. the last photo is adorable!

    love, selina

  8. awesome post you have here, i love the dress !!

  9. omg amazing dress + dream night by ending it with delicious chicken and waffles? are you kidding me?! PERFECT !
    ps, !

  10. roscoes chicken and waffles! best part of any day

  11. Such a remarkable vintage dress, and adore you with milkmaid braids! You just made me hungry for some Roscoes Chicken and Waffles...

  12. it looks perfect on you! i can't believe it's vintage too.

    p.s. chicken and waffles would happen everyday in my life if it can.

  13. Those picture are perfect!

  14. so beautiful. love that dress

  15. Omg.omg. How long was it before? Tis a gorgeous dress!

  16. Whaha nice;) i don't agree! You're not behind and your dress is stunning! --- a blog about sewing!

  17. You look stunning :D you remind me Alexa Chung ;)

  18. You look awesome indeed!! Happy weekend! XO Rebecca

  19. You're looking amazing as always, that dress is so glittery and beautiful! xx

  20. You look so cute in that first photo, adore you dress, so pretty!

    Carmen Ri.

  21. Lovely photos!

  22. Cute (and beautiful) photos!

    XO Charlotte

  23. i adore these pics!

  24. Gorgeous dress, you look stunning x

  25. so cute! i love your pink nails and the dress looks so gorgeous on you. keep in touch <33


  26. You are ADORABLE and I love that dress!

  27. Be my friend. ;)

  28. Such a great find. That vintage dress is magnificent.

  29. Cat

    are you half American?

  30. these are such adorable pictures!

  31. such a lovely dress

  32. You look adorable in these photos! So natural and young! I love dress on you as well. Thanks for sharing.

  33. What a nice crazy photos!!!
    kisses from your follower! ♡
    With love Little Sable

  34. love these, you are too adorable!
    the dress is pretty amazing too!

  35. gosh your photography = stunning!
    xo ~ ks

  36. I love vintage clothes! the dress is simply amazing!

  37. Super cute shoot!

  38. Anonymous

    i def saw you on campus today around 6ish standing near the ssps but i was too scared to say anything. you are just as pretty in person as in pictures!

  39. You look so great. The photos are so much fun and you look so naturally beautiful.

    The I on Fashion

  40. love that dress!

    Fashion Blogger

  41. Thought this was a feature! Omy, you are oh so haute.

    TE AMO,

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