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shirt dressing

October 19, 2011

Can't take all the credit to my shirt/skirt in my last post. Grab your boy's shirt and have some fun!

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46 responses:

  1. OMG INGENIOUS!!! So dang chic, look out bf's Gucci button-ups here I come!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  2. :O I've totally done this before. The best hobo outfit ever! My boyfriend's always like...."Where's my ___ shirt go?" -__- Haha

  3. I LOVE THIS! amazing video sso fun and inspiring :)

  4. Wow...this is SO cool!!!!!!! I would never be able to do it though....

  5. Thanks for creative! LOVE! xoxo

  6. The halter top is BEYOND!!!!

  7. this is awesome! i am going to try all of them when i get home

  8. this is sick! so creative xo

  9. Absolutely awesome, so cool!!
    Bella xo

  10. This was sooo good! I am definitely going to try this soon! Brilliant!

  11. they're all fantastic, remind me of pieces from allsaints! i'm way in support of anything that looks like it comes from there that doesn't cost those crazy prices.
    absolute love.
    thank you!

  12. This is so cool! I need to try it :)

  13. WOW! Before this, every time I see someone attempting to wear a shirt as a dress or skirt, they look like they got confused and put the shirt on the wrong way. THIS?! Looks incredible. You wouldn't even know it was a shirt. Super.

  14. How adorable and awesome is that!!! Thanks for sharing...gonna go raid the man's closet now!

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  16. this is so awesome!

  17. Nice ideas! very creative xoxo

  18. really like your blog.

    ps:make sure to enter my give away

  19. Nice cam, just saw your blog and it seems so interesting. Nice images!

    Love from brazil :)

  20. Always wondered how they do that! Thanks for posting!

  21. Whoever thought of the shirt/skirt idea is a fashion-genius!! I love the blouse you're wearing in the first photo as well, who's it by?

  22. this is amazing... i tried something with my husbands shirt some years ago, but i never ever have achieved those amazing results... i need to try it right away!!!

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  24. Love this! Now to try with my boyfriend's shirts....

  25. I love the dress. It's so fashionable and looks elegant.

  26. I just came here to say that your blog is too good. I like your way of writing. Keep it up.

  27. I was recently asked about the rules short men should follow when wearing a dress shirt.

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  30. Wow what an idea really!!!....I just can't resist to do that with my male friend shirts....really your video is very handy in style regard...Awesome!!!

  31. Wow what an idea really!!!....I just can't resist to do that with my male friend shirts....really your video is very handy in style regard...Awesome!!!

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  34. This is indeed an awesome thing that you can do with male shirts...I find this also bit funny but I like it because it really made me smile bigger though..:D

  35. This is really full of fun and madness to play with the male shirt but I just love the way you play with that shirt besides everything..Great!

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