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October 13, 2011

Dress by Finders Keepers. Bauble Bar necklace. Seychelle shoes.

Currently stationed in Texas to be with family until the weekend. Sometimes, crappy things happen but to top everything off, I managed to forget my laptop in the airplane (praying to get it back once I can call the lost and found). This is the last of my outfits shots I took in New York. Had no idea wearing this dress would result in so much attention, particially because of how easily the wind picks up the train. Mentally noted for the next time.

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61 responses:

  1. Rach! You are so cute! I love this whole outfit, you look incredible. MISS YOU!

  2. That dress has stolen my heart. You are such a beauty in it! Have a wonderful time with the family in Texas, I was born there :)

  3. omg i love that necklace!~!!!killer!

  4. Super cute dress! Love it!
    Bella xo

  5. What a lovely dress! lovin its flow :)

    Fashion Blogger

  6. beautiful dress, love your smile : )

  7. I wore a skirt with a similar cut in NYC and had to battle the wind too. I saw your tweet about the laptop, I'm hoping for the best. Can't imagine.

  8. you look stunning! such a lovely free flowing dress x

  9. That necklace is perfect. Obsessed.

  10. you look adorable! i love those kicks. they are pretty sweet i must say!!

  11. love the dress and the necklace...and the shoes, omg this outfit is sheer perfection!!! and you look so beautiful, as always.
    always happy to read new posts of you!
    xx romi

  12. ahhh hope you get your laptop back. that would freak me out

  13. Ono that sucks babe! You look gorgeous anyway...that blush toned dress was made for you porcelain skin...ahhhh what I wouldn't give to have your youth again! ;D

    *crossing my fingers* for you honey!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  14. OMG you look stunning, simply stunning! XO Rebecca

  15. love your booties and that dress is so pretty in pastel colours

  16. Very pretty dress!

    XO Charlotte

  17. that dress is stunning on you!! I'm so sorry about your laptop... that's terrible! hope you get it back!


  18. You look SO beautiful! this dress is whimsical!

  19. Love everything about this look! The uneven hemline, nude shoes, great statement necklace! LOVES!

  20. amazing shoes! I love them! AND the necklace! -Alicia 

  21. the dress is so gorgeous! and the necklace and shoes are just perfect! <3

  22. such a beautiful dress, love the shots of it flowing in the wind, and love that you paired it with the unexpected laced up booties!
    xo Cara

  23. i love the asymmetry of the dress

  24. Perfect dress to wear to a wedding, love the choker necklace.

  25. Such a lovely dress and combined with the booties it makes for a more dressed down look, but still very beautiful and elegant.

    Collar Me Beautiful

  26. so so pretty!!!

  27. Hope you get your laptop back! That dress is lovely on you Raych. You have such gorgeous clavicles

  28. Adorable dress, i love how you paired it with that necklace

  29. i really, really love it :)


  30. You look stunning! Hope everything is ok in Texas.

  31. Love the outfit, you look amazing!

  32. This really is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen!!! Gorgeous!


  33. you're like a spunky ballerina!

  34. those shoes are so cute! and that last picture is so it

  35. What a fabulous dress! Love the look.

  36. This looks gorgeous! :D Love the accessorizing too.

  37. Adore this look! And adore you!

    Beautiful photos as always. And I am obsessing over those shoes. I hope everything is ok with you! Thinking good thoughts.

    xo, Kim

  38. love your shoes. :)

  39. this is such a beautiful dress! love the photos! you look great!


  40. oh wonderful dress!you look amazing;)

  41. Lovely dress!

    And by the way, I'm having an awesome GIVEAWAY on my blog right now! If you and your readers are interested, you can click HERE if you want :)

    With love,

  42. The dress looks a lot better on you than it does the model. I love the asymmetrical cut, hopefully that style is here to stay because it's so flattering! The name makes me smile, "Strawberry Kisses", haha.

    Shop vintage here ♥

  43. perfect combinations you got in there; do visit us for Turkish Trends JAPON STYLE

  44. Love that dress on you. Just stunning!!

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  45. Beautiful dress and necklace, you look stunning! I hope your successful in locating your laptop.


  46. This comment has been removed by the author.
  47. Second photograph is fantastic!

  48. i love your dress! so flattering on you

  49. this dress is stunning. you are gorgeous, girrrrrl <3


  50. Very exclusive photo and article thanks for sharing.

  51. Beautifull !

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