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September 13, 2011

WiNK dress

Not that I was initially confused, but seeing this dress on the model makes a ton more sense than how I thought to wear it. Guess I'm going to give it another shot sometime this week. Took these pictures prior to a night of cold beers sidelining Laguna Beach with Theodore (whose birthday just passed this weekend 9/11 - Happy birthday!). Pretty bummed I wasn't around to celebrate it with him since I was busy loitering New York during fashion week - more on that later. I had a blast and now need to recoup before school starts again... starting with blogging and working on Shop Chic orders!

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55 responses:

  1. You look GORGEOUS!! These photos are perfect.

  2. these photos are soooo beautiful raych! teddy is uber talented <3

  3. Beautiful dress and photos! It's like an ad in a magazine :) -akiko

  4. it really is a beaut dress! great buy

  5. these shots are so lovely, stunning

  6. stunning!!!

    xoxo from rome

  7. I'm kind of addicted to nude this season. Never particulary liked just because it tends to make people look a bit more sick than they actually are ...
    You look abbsolutely stunning. Especially in the last picture. You really know how to work this pose :D

  8. Love the dress on you! You look amazing, don't be shy cool girl! So stylish! Curious about your NYFW adventures!! Gorgeousness!

    XO Rebecca

  9. beautiful! what great photos

  10. amazing dress and great photos! the light is really sth!!!!


  11. That dress looks heavenly on you! (Just as it would on a model!) And the sun glow in back of you in the captures is spellbinding.

    ♥, Jamie

  12. Gorgeous photos! And you look great in the dress.

  13. beautiful pics, love the light!


  14. Gorgeous pictures & gorgeous dress!


  15. Raych! You look amazing! :)
    Love the dress. Hope you had fun at NYFW!


  16. sweety the dress is lovely, you look amazing :) love it! also, the lighting in these shots are stunning!

    much love to youu! xx

  17. i love everything in this outfit :)so romantic photos!

  18. Gorgeous photos! :) love the dress!!

  19. Ahh, I love the whole photoshoot, so feminine and sophisticated

  20. such romantic pictures, beautiful!


  21. Even confused, you look stunning in this dress.

  22. Wow, absolutely amazing photos...that dress is gorgeous, love the color and fit...I am just loving that last shot especially!!
    xo Cara

  23. Such beautiful photos

    XO Charlotte

  24. Ooooh beautiful! Love that dress on you!

  25. Super beautiful! Great photography also!

  26. These photos are stunning! The soft lighting paired with your ethereal dress is absolutely beautiful. Have a great quarter at UCI! I'm starting my third year at UCD :)

  27. These photos are beautiful, love the lighting and, of course, your dress!

    Carmen Ri.

  28. I love these photos - amazingly shot and your dress is just stunning!

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  29. i love wink dresses! this one is so dreamy on you

  30. you look amazing! i love dresses that have so much material! I need to get one asap...i think i might finally look good in them :)

    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  31. fellow Vietnamese blogger, your posts are always so charming ^_^

    hope we can be blogging friends!

  32. Hi Rach!

    You are so silly. These images are gorge! So serene. If I looked half as good after a night of drinking, I would not be complaining.



  33. incredible dress - stunning.

  34. amaaaaaaaazing! ;)

  35. So pretty!

  36. gorgeous post!!! i really like it!

    your blog is fantastic!

  37. You look stunning in this dress and these photos. It was nice meeting you at LuckyFabb, thanks again for taking my photo with Ellie.

  38. Gorgeous! can't wait to hear about fashion week.

  39. beautiful dress, and these photos are lovely :)

    <3 Alison

  40. Very chic! i love it.

  41. Hey dude, nice post…keep it up…Thank you

  42. P-E-R-F-E-C-T.
    L O V E.

  43. These are such beautiful pictures! You look so stunning and whimsical. I really like the color of the dress too.

    The I on Fashion

  44. Rachel, may I know what camera do you use?

  45. these pictures are amazing!!! the light and softness totally compliment the dress too. perfection.

  46. Pretty in her pink <a href=">Feminine dresses</a>! great style!

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