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September 27, 2011

Vintage top. D.Ra skirt. Seychelles shoes. Necklace from Bauble Bar.

Seems like forever ago when I took these pictures with Natalie before the Lucky FAAB conference; apparently can't keep a straight face around her either. Slightly delusional from lack of sleep to combine tribal and hounds tooth together whilst praying I don’t look like a clown. I also trimmed my hair a bit before leaving for New York... regretfully putting bangs in place. Yeah, worst decision ever. The day my bangs reach my chin is the day I'm chopping my hair back into a bob.
Few favorite moments at the FAAB conference: realizing how much I secretly love the Kardashians, hearing my buddy John Jannuzzi talk about the World Wide Web, uh – that GIFTBAG (more on that later), and blissfully watching Elie Goulding as our guest performer. I even found myself on a rooftop overlooking the city a few days later watching her perform again. Seriously magical... you Lucky people are too good to me.

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64 responses:

  1. perfect outfit;) love your boots =)

  2. Love this outfit! Thought it was a dress in itself.. your so cute when you smile :)


  3. I actually thought this was a dress so I think the pieces work well together!

  4. what a gorgeous outfit!!

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  5. just love how you mixed those prints. I love the balance of colour print on top and B&W on bottom, it's very chic :D

    Closet Full Of Style

  6. You look soooo cute! Lovin' the combination of these patterns, they really do match perfectly!

  7. You're adorable I loveee your play on mixing patterns!

  8. I loved your style ;)

    kisses from Brazil


  9. You look positively adorable in that outfit hun. I'm so jealous.

  10. Love this so much, you look amazing xxx

  11. I really like this look! The mix of patterns is just amazing

    XO Charlotte

  12. love your pattern mixing!

  13. Adorable outfit!


  14. such an A-mazing combination - love it!

  15. I love this print on print combination! <3

  16. Love the outfit! very chic!

    xx Kaye

  17. Raych - you are too cute!
    I love the mixed prints, and that smile of yours! :D


  18. best mix of prints...they were made for each other

  19. OMG can you stop being so damn cute!?

  20. Great outfits, love it!


  21. wow! i LOVE that outfit! the combination is perfect. u look amazing

  22. Love the whole outfit and especially that natural smile!

  23. I am so impressed by how you mixed hounds tooth and tribal prints together. Girl, you look amazing (and so cute!)

    ♥, Jamie

  24. those prints look great together! love the tribal <3

  25. Awesome print - it definitely suits your smile :-)

    Heart Of The Home

  26. Awesome patterns! Very playful.



  27. Looking great!

  28. gorgeous mix of prints. love it! :)

  29. that outfit is adorable. i love it.

  30. WOW,what a mix of prints!You look fab!The skirt is must have!;)

  31. You are just too cute!!!


  32. Love this outfit!!! Especially the skirt!!!


  33. loving how you've mixed prints!! :)
    Love Lois xxx

  34. YOU CUTIE PATOOTES!! i love when you smile for me!! xx


  35. Love your is fantastic!

    Fashion Crazy Ball and My Facebook Page

  36. I looove your skirt and vintage top pairing. Great prints!

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  37. So in love with your look/outfit head to toe!

  38. Lovely outfit from top to bottom!

  39. Love the pattern combination - totally an unexpected duo but it works!

    The I on Fashion

  40. i love it! great combination :)


  41. Your outfit is such an eye catcher! Love, love, love it! <3

  42. I just had to take a moment to gasp and think about how much i ADORE that dress!

    The boots are a lovely neutral to add to complete the look

    And you're gorgeous, so that makes everything overall great!

    Glad you enjoyed the conference!!

    <3 Vega

  43. Perfect pattern play! <3


  44. I love love love mixing prints, you did it so well. The colors of the top are beautiful and the detailing on both the top and skirt are perfect.

    J.Choudhury x

  45. your so adorable. I love this outfit!


  46. Love the skirt and top combo and I openly love the that bad? The Kardashians part?


  47. you are just incredibly on the money with that print.


  48. Such a cute outfit!

  49. Camila

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  50. i really like the mixes of patterns

  51. Oh she's gorgeous! Love the outfit!

  52. Lovely outfit, the mix of patterns looks amazing!

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