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cruella de ville

September 30, 2011

Black patent on buttery, nude pink then tied with a strand of gold by Martin Margiela. Two-toned mastery in greatness of the villain herself. Another exciting addition: a rose-gold framed bag that perfectly fits your night-out by Pour la Victoire.

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42 responses:

  1. That heels look so gorgeous!

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  2. nice heels. so elegant!

  3. Adore all the patent and metallic goodness.

    ♥, Jamie

  4. Holy moly those heels!! To die for!!! Love love love the pretty flowers too :)

  5. absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. Love love love love your shoes!!!How gorgeous metallic items:)

  7. Best title ever!
    Although I have to admit that I like the heels quite a lot unlike the meanie that wanted fur coats from cute puppies.
    Love the little gold strap aroung the ankles :)

  8. next post: something with a dalmation print! hehe
    gorgeous photos!

    xo denj

  9. love!!

  10. The heels are super gorgeous!

  11. Those Margiela shoes will be in my dreams from now on

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  12. now all you need is a two-toned hair cut and heavy (faux)fur winter coat.
    halloween anyone?
    one word: badass

  13. I love how the 60's era is back and it's the perfect trend. These heels are killer, great color combination.

    J.Choudhury x

  14. loving these colour block wedges

  15. Cool shoes!! Have a great week! XO Dianne

  16. Those shoes are amasing! Love the rose-golg bag too! Happy Monday!

  17. Love the two-toned heels, definitely has sass!

    The I on Fashion

  18. Urgh just stunning. I am totally speechless over those heels. They're just total stunners!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.
  20. Those heels are SO gorgeous - remind me of the early 1900's.


  21. this is probably the weirdest/creepiest comment ever, but that's okay:

    you have really cute toes and knees!

    i'm always freaked out when people take photos of details of those two place because i have really fat knees and widespread toes.

    oh yeah, and your shoes are really nice too ^_^ haha

  22. Omg those shoes are to die for!!!! I want!

  23. great shoes! :)

  24. The shoes are so gorgeous


  25. those heels are fantastic!

  26. Those are total Cruella heels and I freaking LOVE them!


  27. Gorgeous heels!

    XO Charlotte

  28. Gah. Oh Rachel, these are love.

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