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white + peach

August 12, 2011

WiNK top. Jasmine Shokrian skirt. Urban Outfitters hat. Chloe shoes. Rebecca Minkoff bag.

I had already given up on chasing down the sun to grab a quick shot of my outfit. But, this little spot caught my eye right before jumping on the freeway to the Chrissie Miller party. We had fun playing against the transparent, sun drenched garage in front of an audience sitting in traffic towards the on-ramp. Except, not really.

This skirt just gets better with age and accidental rips. And sadly pruning my hats because they just don't look good with short hair. However, I'm replenishing my stash with smaller-brimmed hats before I notice a shortage of closet selection come Fall.

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55 responses:

  1. I really love how you look in these photos! That garage is the perfect backdrop and the sun just makes your white stand out so elegantly!

    The I on Fashion

  2. awesome photos! the saturated orange background is totally lovely

  3. So pretty Raych! Love the lighting and the dreamy effects...Looks like you just stepped out of a Threadsence catalog! Gorgeous!

    Happy Weekend hun!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. ah i hate not finding good lighting! you look stunning, i would definitely turn and look if i walked past you in the street

  5. i want a hat like that!!! fab!

  6. you are the word: pretty!:)

  7. you look gorgeous.. love your hat! and the sun looks amazing in these photos :)


  8. Loving the glow that translates through the garage windows. The dress is ethereal, and such a lovely summer + fall hat!

    ♥, Jamie

  9. Your shoes are amazing

    XO Charlotte

  10. I absolutely love this outfit! It goes so well together that it actually LOOKS like a full dress!


  11. Love the light in these photos !

    this hat really suits you even with shorter hair !
    new outfit post

  12. Oh lord, those shoes. *swoooon*

  13. The sunlight is gorgeous in these photos! Your skirt is wonderful.

    Carmen Ri.

  14. hi sexy sexy! YOU SO BEAUTIFUL :)

    miss u more! xoxoxo


  15. i love the white and the lighting in this picture is gorgeous!! xo

  16. Stunning photography!

  17. Beautiful! I love how summery this look is, and the lighting was definitely worth having to take the photos in front of an audience :)

  18. i love your blog off! just want you to know its one of my faves, and look forward to all your posts, keep bein a chic mudda fucka

  19. I think hats can look really beautiful with short hair, especially with the outfits you style so beautifully!

  20. Great shoes!


  21. Love it, love the hat, you look gorgeous as always!


  22. Love the top and the hat. Great sun set photos.

  23. Love, absolutely love this outfit!

  24. Just found your blog I love it great dress! I am a stylist in London nice to see some different styles

  25. Love how you look in the photos!
    xoxo from singapore,

  26. I love that hat with your hair. You look gorg, I love the outfit. You are an inspiration.

  27. Anonymous

    I noticed on the side that you're with Next Model Management... Are you a model now?!! Thats so exciting!

  28. adore your hat, stunning shots

  29. wow wow wow! the hat was made for you! :)

    la tiquismiquis

  30. Amazing outfit! I love all the white :-)


  31. absolutely stunning in white!

    xoxo Despite color

  32. So beautiful and such beautiful photography.

  33. You look gorgeous and those pics are so pretty! Love the natural; effect of the sun like this! You look great in all-white, well done! Have a great week! XO Rebecca

  34. Hey there. Love this post. The photos are gorgeous. What interesting lighting! Also, those Chloe shoes are hot! I'd love you to check out my fashion blog that I just got started. I'd love feedback etc. Love, Elana

  35. i love your dress so much!
    it gives you a lil angelic look. that's so beautiful!

  36. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  37. these photos are stunning.


  38. you look just beautiful! love your chloe shoes:) xoxox

  39. I love when you wear all white, so gorgeous.

  40. Beautiful pics! hat is a killer!

  41. I really love your blog, you have a great style!!

  42. love the backdrop, and those chloe shoes are adorable!

    <3 Alison

    giveaway going on now, check it out!

  43. i like ur shoes.

  44. Gorgeous look, love the brown hat and bag with the other white pieces.

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