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week 8.15

August 16, 2011

Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa is my favorite, mindless place to grab a quick lunch. I don't care for the sandwiches, but man, they stir up an amazing plate of nachos and salad.

Don't remember where I got this picture from, but this hat is gorgeous! Please shoot me an email if it belongs to you and share with us!

Edit!: The hat is from Bimba y Lola. Thanks Belen!

Urban Oufitters, Tumblr, Kelly Wearstler.

I love her attitude and hair.(zac).

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22 responses:

  1. Love the photo of her with coca cola! So cool. Gypsy den in costa mesa is my favorite too :) Great post as always!!

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!
    S W E E T POST!!!

  3. Love the song.

    I want that bedroom to be mine.

    The model is stunning.

  4. I guess the hat is from Rodarte x Opening Ceremony...or at least I saw one similar from them :)

  5. I can't believe I didn't know about your blog!! It's amazing!!

    Now a detached follower! (if that's the right word?...) hehe xx

  6. i have a hat just like that! got it at the store called reformation in the LES

  7. I really like the color of her lipstick in the last few pictures - its so rich!

    The I on Fashion LIKE US!

  8. Anonymous

    the hat you posted belongs to tne new collection of the spanish "bimba y lola"
    you can check out the website


  9. that editorial is such a stunner. i love her tattoo placement and she wears make up so well. so so inspiring.

    bimba and lola is such an amazing line. i wish it was more available world wide. my family got me some gorgeous stuff from there when they were in portugal.

  10. Every time i go to the anti-mall, I always pass right by the gypsy den.. I'll have to try it out! nachos? yum.

  11. i'm a huge fan of your weekly roundups. they always are so fun and interesting to see what you have been doing. thanks for sharing as usual.

  12. Here's the hat:


  13. Anonymous

    i love your iPhone case!could u tell me where did u get that?

  14. love her edgy style but simple, elegant jewelry... sending a little blog love your way



  16. that dark red lipstick with the choppy haircut are KILLER.. she looks so fierce

  17. Totally love the pics of Tao! She's amazing!

  18. This has to be one of my favourites!

  19. I just love the shooting. The "fierce" look and her hair style and make-up.

    You have a wonderful blog


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