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toy district

August 4, 2011

Stylestalker dress. Opening Ceremony boots. Taylor Kenney necklace.

On top of a building at my friend's new home in downtown LA. Makes me wish I lived somewhere cool like an old toy factory. This dress somewhat reminds me of a Parisian café, so I wore it with one of my favorite boots to toughen it up – or something of that nature. But it’s the excessive pleating and black on white ribbonery that got me giddy enough to put a big black bow in my hair (sadly can’t be seen in the pictures). Kept my jewels to a minimum except for a thinly gold-chained necklace that I haven’t taken off upon receipt. There’s an interesting spider-webbed wiring that encloses a pretty druzy stone too which adds to my desire to wear it 24/7.

Anyway, fighting a miserable cold right now that I'm hoping to pass before this weekend in time for an art opening party at Space 15 Twenty. Is anyone going?

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75 responses:

  1. Adoring those boots!

  2. love how you paired fairy white dress with burgundy militarish shoes! It has a very unique feel.

    Closet Full Of Style

  3. the design of the shoes is close to perfection! xx

  4. Style Stalker is amazing and that dress looks perfect on you, Raych!
    Love it paired with the boots - very unexpected but I like it. Kinds of remind me of a super hero?


  5. Oh my gosh, your boots are amazing

  6. Goodness you look stunning, you should have insurance on your smile hahah

  7. So gorgeous as usual. I would have loved to see a close up shot of this amazing sounding necklace!

  8. rachel you are absolutely gorgeous! you just made my jaw drop

  9. Hey girl! You look awesome! Miss you!


  10. i'm not usually a fan of stylestalker but that looks lovely. probably because of the split sleeves.

  11. your dress is fabulous

  12. I love dresses from Style Stalker, they're one of a kind.
    I also love your you paired the boots with the dress, really compliments the dress!

  13. That Stylestalker dress is a dream, especially the sleeve detail! Adore the OC boots as an additional tougher, vibe. Hope you get to feeling better soon, girl!

    ♥, Jamie

  14. Really beautiful photos!! I ❤ the dress & boots very much, you look stunning :)

  15. Those shoes are fabulous! Love ya! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  16. OMG! Those boots absolutely BREAK MY HEART! I must have them!!!


    I am following you now :) Please check out my blog as well!

  17. gorgeous boots!! The color is so unique I love it.. and that stylestalker dress is beautiful on you also!!

  18. What an amazing location !

    Great photos ! The boots really "make " the outfit
    post : shopping in Belgium & workoutfit

  19. Love the combo of super girly with sort-of utility ; it really works!

  20. This outfit looks great!! I adore your dress!!


  21. Gorgeous, you look amazing!! Happy friday! XO Rebecca


  22. Love the look! The setting is so beautiful!


  23. That dress is so pretty but the colour makes it look so pure and simple! Love those boots, they're divine!


  24. You look so lovely! This dress is so simple and chic!

  25. Bautiful dress - and you look so pretty in it!
    Much love,

  26. You look so pretty! Loving your outfit :)

  27. The first photo is so nice!!

    XO Charlotte

  28. This looks HOT! I love white dresses, but paired with those boots? Soooo beautiful!


  29. angelic. the photo lighting is gorgeous too, you're glowing!

  30. extraordinary boots!

  31. Awesome dress and kick-ass boots!

  32. Your shoes are really pretty!!!

  33. Love all the colours put together!

  34. love that those boots toughen it up without totally killing the femininity- that's my pet peeve right now!

  35. fabulous look! love it!

  36. incredible pictures! and the light is perfect! :)

    la tiquismiquis

  37. I plan to go to one at The Art House in Tulsa tonight.
    Hope you have a nice evening!

  38. Those boots. Amazing. That view. Beyond. That dress. GAHHH. So complete, total, aweness going on.

  39. love the boots! so cool

    <3 Alison

    my first giveaway's going on, come check it out!

  40. shoes are to die for!

  41. I LOVE YOU. YOU'RE SO HOT!! But seriously, that first pic of you smiling is sooo gorgeous. miss you so much!! xoxoox


  42. HOLY GORGEOUS look at you lady ;) foxy

  43. Those shoes are adorable, even if they just remind me a bit of cowboy times :D
    Anyway, great blog, you have a unique way of styling. Just followed you, maybe wanna have a look on my blog:

  44. Anonymous

    love the dress!

  45. Ugh, those boots are amazing. And I am loving the sleeves on that dress!

  46. You look stunning and I love your boots, that color is lovely.

  47. wow so simple and clean. I really like the simplicity of it all.

  48. ohmy! your boots Rock!!

  49. dying over your boots. Gorg!!!!!

    ox Leslie

  50. The boots are great! They seem difficult to pull off but you definitely wear them well.


  51. Those boots are amazing! I love the color of them and I really like your dress - you so soft and elegant.

    The I on Fashion LIKE US!

  52. This is such a gorgeous outfit. Classy but the boots add a relaxed feel to the outfit. Love it.

  53. your absolutely stunning. love this . love love love!

  54. Just discover your blog... Great blog! I Follow you now! :)

  55. We love the look ! Still gives the summery effect !

  56. Love this. A beautiful view, a beautiful girl and stunning photography. What else can I ask for?

    xo, Liz

  57. i totally understand why those shoes are one of your favs, is damn gorgeous on you!

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