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August 30, 2011

Extreme weather has me hibernating in cool places like in front of the fridge looking for fruit, on top of a stripped down bed and by a pool which I never use.

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52 responses:

  1. Love this photos...

    XO Charlotte

  2. Beautifully candid shot of you babe! One of my faves!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. LOVE this shot! You should frame it.

  4. I understand so well what you mean! here it was damn hot 'til Sunday!

  5. Amazing photo. I love the texture of it!

  6. So simple and beautiful. Love it.

    Alexandra xo

  7. cute!! i wish it was warmer so i could hit the beachh

    helen xxx

  8. stunning photo.

  9. What an incredible shot of you, Raych! Love it. I'll trade weather with you any day!! :p Dying for summer!!!


  10. Hahaha I love your blurb for this post. Lovely photo too.

  11. I'm with you on this one, having 115+ degree weather for two months straight now is for the birds. Such a lovely and playful capture of you!

    ♥, Jamie

  12. gorgeous paparazzi-ish shot! :D

  13. Wonderful pic!

  14. Pretty picture!
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  15. I love your hairstyle! It's just so cute.

  16. Love the photo! Where are you?

  17. Beautiful photo. You look natural and beautiful!

  18. man me too! aren't you so glad the worst of the heat is almost over?
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  19. This is a really beautiful photo of you. I love how natural and playful you look!

    The I on Fashion
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  20. grace

    pretty pretty picture!


  21. beautiful...

    xo Leslie at

  22. this pic of you is amazing!


  23. That's a great photo! enjoy summer before it's over! xoxo

  24. Yessie

    I'm sure you always look so chic and effortless even when it's so hot outside! I can totally see you in this flowy greay dress! dress!

  25. Love this photo, amazing *.*



  27. what a beautiful picture of you. love love your hair!!
    hope you can stop by sometime :)
    have a great weekend lovely


  28. I love the photo! And mmmm fruit is the best part of summer.

  29. gahh! this pic is super adorbs! LOVE it! xx

  30. Lovely!

  31. you look pretty divine!

  32. ah jealous, is has been raining here non stop

  33. pretty

  34. Love this shot! Pretty!
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  35. Same here! I just moved to Paris from San Fran and the heat and humidity are killers. I am crossing the street all the time just to get in the shade.

  36. Gorgeous photo, stunning <3

  37. iconic photo, love

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  40. So sweet!
    Just visit your blog, so cute
    love this photo


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