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August 24, 2011

This Yumi Kim dress has been my brainless choice for warm weather dressing and is the perfect length. Worn in Pasadena with poppy red Zara sandals when Olivia, Taghrid and I tackled the Rose Bowl. Although, the near exact color match of the dress and sandals is in fact unintentional.

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79 responses:

  1. LOVE how effortless this look is. so pretty!

  2. Love this dress and looks like you are wearing the Taylor Kenney Jewelry necklace? So pretty.

  3. excellent dress , love it =)

  4. That unintentional color match is what makes it so effortless chic! The dress is like modern artwork and beautifully simple.

    ♥, Jamie

  5. Beautiful dress ! and the shoes matching makes it even better :)
    new outfit post !

  6. It's rare we get to see you in all out unabashed color but this ensemble looks fabulous Raych! Love the brights and muted affect...So summery!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  7. you look super! Love the colours on the dress.

  8. So very pretty! No matter how unintentional it was, the matching shoes are a cute touch!

  9. I love the color blocked dress! So gorgeous! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  10. So pretty on you! I like the shoes with the dress, nice combo.

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  11. This is an absolutely gorgeous dress! And paired so wonderfully with those shoes!!


  12. my favorite color! love it

  13. You look so CUTE! love it.

  14. oh SO pretty!! love the asymmetries of it!

  15. beautiful dress!
    Is it silk or cotton?

  16. That dress is beyond pretty! Love how you look so sleeky chique in it ;)


  17. The dress looks so chic (love the color) and you look amazing! Thank you for your comment and I love using watercolor too :)

  18. This dress is an absolute dream! Honestly, if it wasn't obvious enough from that feature I am such a huge fan of your style and this outfit is no exception. I love how clean the lines are and yet it's so fun...and whether or not it was intentional, the shoes are perfect with it. You look stunning as per usual of course!

    Alexandra xo

  19. I love that pretty dress....and those shoes are divine!!!


  20. I am in pasadena too right now! but not looking at all as stylish as you. .love this dress!

  21. I am really into thin spaghetti straps on dresses! So nineties! Love the burst of colour, it's so different

  22. I LOVE this outfit!!


  23. love this dress!!! simple color blocking gone fab!!!

  24. Love this dress so much! :) You look awesome! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  25. Love the contrasting (kind of) colours and how the shoes match perfectly!


  26. perfect colour blocking

  27. simply amazing!!!

    xoxo from rome

  28. I really love this look and colors here! I really love 70's vibe of the dress. Perfect!

  29. Cute! Love the sandals.

  30. i love love love your dress! <3

    la tiquismiquis

  31. What an amazing dress. You look stunning!!

    XO Charlotte

  32. Great dress! The colours look so great together and the cut is simple but so chic at the same time :)

  33. cute dress!

  34. THis dress is fabulous!!! xoxo


  35. the dress is georgeous!!


  36. your pin up pose is so good, please add

  37. ummmm that dress is AMAZING.


  38. PRETTY! i love you and your clogs heheheh! xoxoxo can't wait to see you soon!


  39. great outfit love the dress so pretty!

  40. Lov the colors ! We love the way you keep it stylish !

  41. Gorgeous dress, love the colors and the way the fabric flows...and perfect with the sandals!
    xo Cara

  42. You look beautiful! I love the colors and the asymmetrical color blocking. Your shoes are perfect too!

    The I on Fashion
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  43. Anonymous

    awesome - casual but super awesome!


  44. gorg outfit! the matching red works well. props.


  45. I love the dress!! (= Check out my blog too?

  46. Yumi Kim makes the best dresses for summer!

  47. do u know u look like the french actress Sophie Marceau when she was young ? i love the sunglasses

  48. The midi-hem is so in right now ! Great post :D

  49. I love your dress and how it unintentionally matches your shoes.
    And when you say you tackled the Rose Bowl, do you mean the Rose Bowl flea market? I thought it occurred the first Sunday of every month.

    - Sharon

  50. Your hair always looks great! How do you style your hair?

  51. I love color in outfits and this one is just simply perfection!

  52. The dress is just delicious!


  54. I love the colors of you dress. And your shoes go so well w/ this outfit (despite it being unintentional ;) )

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  55. The dress is so beautiful! I love the color blocking, the unintentional matching sandals, and the length of the dress is perfect! =)

  56. What a lovely outfit! I love that dress!

  57. love your dress
    You look amazing!

  58. What vibrant colors, you look beautiful!

  59. Oh my God!!! This is one ass-kicking, fabulous, dreamy dress!! Love it.


  60. Hey Rachel, i have to say thar you´re my favorite blogger, you´re style it´s totally chic and comfortable, u really enjoy to visit your blog.

  61. STUNNING!!!
    L-O-V-E IT!!!!

  62. looking like a dream as always <3


    go on my blog (street style)

  64. cuutttee. really love this dress.

    we just recently started our blog and would love for you to come check it out!

  65. love this dress!!!!!!!!


    Rach xx

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