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glamorously patched

August 18, 2011

Boulee top. GAP jeans. Proenza Schouler shoes. Pour la Victoire bag.

How sick is this top? It reminds me of Proenza prints paired perfectly with quirky cutouts and a mini skirt-thing at the waist. Wore it down with one of my favorite patched-up jeans and thinly strapped heels. Thought it was an appropriate outfit to shop around Melrose and lug bags of clothes to sell at Wasteland Alas, it’s nearing the end of the week and my cold udon noodles cravings are coming back stronger than ever. Can’t wait to slurp some down this weekend and maybe go to the movie theater. Something I forget I love doing so much.

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86 responses:

  1. lovely outfit, and your bag is so cute

  2. That shirt is just gorgeous! :) x

  3. Ooh that top is AMAZING!! You look GREAT!

  4. that's really amazing!
    the photos are also really great!

  5. That top is totally mesmerizing, Raych! And so wondrously paired with those patchworked denims. Udon noodles sounds really delectable right now. Mmmm.

    ♥, Jamie

  6. I love the combination of the two opposites: cut-outs and patchwork! genius xx

  7. that top is great! I love the nipped-in waist.

  8. I'm not a big fan of your jeans, but I love everything else about the outfit :)
    great bag and shoes !!
    new outfit post : orange !

  9. Cool top!

    XO Charlotte

  10. You look wonderful. I love this look!

  11. I can't believe those are GAP jeans. I love 'em. So much it hurts.

  12. love the quirky outfit. Def something I would wear!

  13. Loveee this top! very cool and unique, awesome styling.

  14. okay, i LOOOOVE that shirt! the back is hot, it would have made a fabulous dress :D

    Vonnie of

  15. so cute!! love the hair and top!

  16. Gorgeous outfit! you are so thin!
    I follow back! Just leave a comment!

  17. Feelin the top. Sort of some odd rubies-ish (so sad that store closed down...)

  18. The back is wicked awesome. :X So jeaaallyyyy! Haha

    Castle Fashion

  19. such a gorgeous top and lovely color! I love how you styled it

    xo Julia

  20. That top IS sick. I love it - and I love your bag as well!

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  21. Beautiful top! Loving anything green right now.


  22. love your outfit!! everything is so goergous.. from your beautiful blouse to your vintage bag!

  23. Love those patchwork jeans! So chic and comfy looking at the same time! I also love the back detail of that top! xxAnisa

  24. anything cut-out is amaazing :) totally coveting your pour la victoire bag, raych!

    cins - design3rd

  25. such an awesome top indeed! you look so runway-ish. I have a question.. how do you stay so fit and slim? what's your work-out or eating secret?:)

  26. Oh God, this top is perfect. The cut-outs, the zipper, the colours. You have to keep it forever. Never ever give it away! :D

  27. Awesome outfit post! Love the style.
    with love,

  28. This isn't something I'd really wear but if I saw you on the street (or on a blog!!!) I'd be very jealous! You look incredible! That top is WOW!
    Burn the Blonde X

  29. Love your top and bag !

  30. Wow!This top is soo beautiful!! Stunning!

  31. The patchwork trend is soo AW11 !! We love that the trend is already catching up !

  32. Love the interesting cut-out details of the top. Fab colour too!

  33. Your shirt is probably the most unique and most beautiful color shirt I have seen all summer! The color, the pattern, the texture - its perfect! You look simply chic, I love it.

    The I on Fashion LIKE US!

  34. Love the zipper shirt! It would be great as a dress

  35. Adore those jeans! I saw some like that on Gwen Stefani and am obsessed!


  36. look perfect, love your tops

  37. wow that top is so SO beautiful!

  38. What a lovely look. Love the top and the rest.

    From Marrakech with love


  39. love this outfit! especially the shirt!


  40. That top is so cool!


  41. dope top!

    Check me out:

  42. I love, love, love that blouse! I am a fan of cutouts!!

  43. That is a super cool top, love this look, especially with the metal detail of that bag.

  44. Your look is pretty RAD! loving your blog
    hope you check mine out 4 a min

  45. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!


  46. Love your top it looks great on you!


  47. i love Gap jeans - really do


  48. Rachel you totally made my day!! Thank you SO much for the super kind comment! I beyond heart your blog! so stoked you liked mine! Hope you have a fab week girl! xxB

  49. That top is indeed SICK. <3
    I haven't had Udon is forever - it'll be my goal for this week, heh heh.


  50. Thank you! You too!
    Only my fingers were smelling after the food, but my dress was fine, nothing happened to it. :)


  51. that's such an interesting top! You look great!


  52. the jeans! omg, they are perfect! were did you find those?

  53. Love the patterns on your shirt! I also love the the way its cut in the back. You have a great look!

  54. cut outs i think will never go out of style to me!! so hot!

  55. Wow, this is really really killer. I love the jeans and I love that top! And the shoes pull it together nicely. Great look!

  56. the post below where you are wearing all white is so beyond beautiful, i think its breath taking.

  57. Gorgeous!

  58. You have an amazing style babe!
    love the outfit
    love your look

    New outfit post - We are golden

  59. You look amazing ;-))


  60. I adore a thick, gold strap on a bag! Totally accents the zip on your top too :)

  61. this top is so versatile, suits you very well =)

  62. hey ! i'm not suprised you know ClosetVisit ! i love this, i made my own french selection, come to visit if u want ! congrats for your blog !

  63. gorgeous pics!

  64. loving the outfit, especially that top! gorgeous

    xx andie

  65. Awesome top obvs, but I really like how your stacked bracelets echo the chain in your bag. Nice touch!

  66. Great top! It's beautiful on the back.

  67. I love this outfit:)
    where can i add your blog to observe? i can't find this button:)

  68. really LOVE YOUR BLOG!


  69. it's a breathtaking top girl, you look awesome! :)

    you can enter my giveaway to win the new CK One Shock fragrances!

  70. I am loving this outifit! The top is gorgeous, I love the rich color and the gold chains on the bag are fantastic!! Have been on the hunt for a black bag with gold hardware/gold chain detail for aaaages! Swooning over this one!

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  72. ahh i LOVE your necklace. Where did you find it? I've been looking for something like that FOREVER but they are either too big or too dog-collaresque.

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