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August 7, 2011

Gypsy 05 shirt. One Teaspoon shorts.

Slouching over some Yogurtland after being cooped in bed all day and painting my nails like a galaxy (so easy!! I used this DIY). Figured that it's probably best to get out of the house (sans energy regarded) for some fresh air than to harvest a flu in my home. The soothing sensation of cold yogurt felt so amazing when you can't breathe on top of the heat, but an hour later I was ready to pass out in bed again. Bad idea because a two hour nap translated to a restless night where my wide-awake boredom tempted me to pick up the first Harry Potter book and start all over again.

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59 responses:

  1. Amaaaaazing! Thanks for turning us on to the nail tutorial! I love how you paired the manicure with earthy jewelry!

  2. Your nails look so cool! Thanks for posting the DIY.


  3. Your nails look so pretty! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Such a cute shirt! Love your nails too!

    Carmen Ri.

  5. Love the color of your nails! Wish I could do them, but that tutorial looked so complicated! Still an awesome effect though!


  6. So cute! & I love your nails! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  7. Oh I love your nails! And the rings look perfect with this look :D

  8. amazing nails! Love your outfit too

  9. Hope you get to feeling better, girl! Some frozen yogurt can be the perfect pick-me-up. And gah...the DIY intergalactic nail art! So going to try that now.

    ♥, Jamie

  10. Your nails look great! You should check out Asami's space nails! They look awesome too!

  11. Love the intergalactic nails! Might be copying that asap!

  12. LOVE your nails!!! SO cool! and your blouse.

  13. That's a pretty darn awesome DIY. I've been into stardust spacy things lately. Maybe my momma can do it for me, since she does it for a living and would kick my ass if I went to an actual nail shop. Typical Vietnamese

    Feel better!



  14. Your nails and breezy blouse are so cute! Yogurtland is quite the panacea. Hope you feel better soon!

  15. oooh the galactic nails look awesome!

  16. Hope you feel better soon ❤ Your nails looks great though :)

  17. Love the outfit, your nails are so stunning, I mean, look at the colours! Love how you look chic even with a cap on!


  18. also would have been totally Ok if u started over with Harry potter:)

  19. these shots are absolutely stunning, loving the casual look

  20. You look so cute! Like! Hope you feel better super duper soon! Have a great start of your week sweets! XO Rebecca

  21. Wowza, the nails are so cool! Would have never guessed that they're that simple to do

  22. these shots are amazing. I like how you have the flu? and still able to go outside.. I wish we had weather like that out here.

  23. super fun! I'll try this!

  24. Really like your nails and your rings :)
    new post : transparant accesories

  25. Love the hat! It makes the whole outfit look so fresh!

  26. Nails look super cute!


  27. oh your nailpolish!! love the look! x peachy

  28. I love your photos . They are so uncanny :)

  29. too cute...perfect casual cool. The nail polish is to die for!

  30. neat-O!


    xoxo from singapore,

  32. I really like your nails but those rings, just gorgeous! I love the variety and shapes of them. I hope your feeling better now!

    The I on Fashion LIKE US!

  33. I love all those rings! Super pretty :)

  34. Not many girls can pull off the baseball cap and look good. Well done.

  35. Anonymous

    hi can you please say where your hat is from xx

  36. Aww feel better! You still look great. Love this laid-back look & the nails! -C.C.
    ReFashion Statement

  37. Love the rings and nail polish!!!

  38. Not that there is anything wrong with Harry Potter :D

    LOVE those shorts and those unexpected array of rings. But then, I have learnt to accept the unexpected with you!

  39. Your nails are soo cool.


  40. Yogurtland always makes me feel better too :)

  41. OMG the nails!!! Yes!!!!!


    L O V E *

  43. Love this relaxed look! xoxo, your newest follower!

  44. you look adorable! love the baseball cap!!

    I MISSS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    date soon!


  45. Great photos, love your blog!!


  46. love the laid back look :)

  47. Oh love the galaxy nails! Must try this immediately.

  48. love your pics!! Great style!

  49. I'd love to see a close up on the nails, they look so cool!

  50. your rings with the nails are just looking awsome together!

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