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sun chaser

July 14, 2011

Top c/o Threadsense. Elie Tahari skirt. Foley + Corinna.

Inspired by Threadsense's new lookbook (and probably my favorite to date - so check it out!) to hang at the edge of the sun after a hearty meal with my lover. Because those 30 minutes between the sun going down and branching into the night is my favorite, aesthetically-pleasing part of the day. Maybe even frolicking alongside the breeze in a wearable shiny thing paired with my favorite color - but the translucent version of it - can complete this vision.

Psssssst... the skirt is on SALE.

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145 responses:

  1. wow that skirt illuminates!

  2. So beautiful babe! I have a midi-vintage gold skirt just like that but waiting for some occasion to bust it out...thanks for the inspiration...perfect for my bday din tonight! :D

    Happy Thursday sweets!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. gorgeous :)

  4. Absolutely stunning. Love the colours of this ensemble against the sunset background! x

  5. that skirt is just so beautiful !

  6. the lighting is perfection paired with this skirt! great top too! i cant think of another color that would look so good with that gold!

    ♥ ♥

  7. Wow! That skirt has such a cool sheen and looks great w/ the mint top. Shazam!

  8. too cute!! it's a perfect mix or bling & summer!

  9. obsessed with that skirt!
    You look great!


  10. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the whole outfit.

  11. I adore this outfit!
    And especially the top :)

    Your nails are so funky! Love it :)

  12. I like how the sparkly goes well in the daytime with this skirt. Any other way it would be too much.

  13. Fantastic beatiful skirt!Amazing outfit!

  14. I'm loving Threadsence's recent lookbook, too! That skirt is a dazzling dream. Remarkable golden saturated photos.

    ♥, Jamie

  15. LOVE the gold skirt, so fun!

  16. perfect interpretation of their new lookbook! the lighting is almost as stunning as this skirt xoxo

  17. Ahhhh love that skirt more than words can express.
    What shoes were you wearing with this outfit though?! :(

  18. Of course YOU would be able to pull this skirt off. You look fabulous, as always!


  19. I checked out their Lookbook a couple days ago and pretty much think it's perfect. Also developed a huge girl crush on the blonde girl in it! You look so good + the lighting is perfect xx

  20. I am literally googling Elie Tahari now to buy that skirt - I absolutely love it, great post!

    Anna xxx

  21. BEAUTIFUL photos & AMAZING skirt!

  22. What a fun outfit! Love the gold skirt.

    xo L.

  23. You're so effortlessly beautiful o_o Are you real?

    Just kidding. But yea, you almost look like an angel. I love the skirt most of all.

    Castle Fashion

  24. Gorgeous ensemble!

  25. Love the whote outfit. I love the way you styled that skirt.

  26. Like liquid gold! You look effortlessly beautiful.

  27. loving the gold skirt and top combo! gorgeous photo!

    helen xx

  28. aahw you look so gorgeous! the skirt is stunning and so is the lighting :)


  29. This light is so perfect!! You look amazing and lovely...this skirt is stunning!!

  30. I adore your skirt!

    XO Charlotte

  31. love this outfit you are gorgeous and the skirt with that top is so amazing!

  32. Anonymous

    Did you box dye or did you go to the salon? I love that hair color on you.

  33. I love that top! Did you get a haircut? It looks really good! I wish I could rock that length.

  34. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! that skirt is amazinggg and the lighting is so good.

  35. love this look! i want it! one of my favorites! :)

  36. I absolutely love this skirt! It has such an amazing shine and your photos are so simple and pretty.

  37. i love this outfit. you look gorgeous!


  38. cute outfit!

  39. LOVE THE GOLD SKIRT!!! i actually have a silve one similar to that. I was planning to wear it over the weekend. :)


  40. I love this outfit! The sheer top and the shiny skirt play well together.

  41. love this combo of a sheer top with great statement skirt :)

  42. The colours of the shirt and the skirt look so nice together as a combination! That skirt is so amazingly attractive! xx

  43. ah these pics are amazing! love how the sun is glinting off the skirt

  44. You look really gorgeous and beautiful! This outfit is so lovely, you're so adorable. Love those colors. Perfect.

    en la moda

  45. this is beautiful. that skirt glows in the sun!

  46. Gorgeous skirt!

  47. Wow - that skirt is amazing. I adore it and need to get it.

  48. I've never thought that blue/gra shirt would go so perfect with gold skirt! You look amazing!

  49. Anonymous

    how do you eat yummy food and still stay so slim?!

  50. Outfit & photos are perfect! I really love the color combination here - rich gold & transparent almost smoke like gray.

  51. Love the outfit. That blouse is lovely!


  52. oh you look so beautiful! the lights are incredible.

    la tiquismiquis

  53. What combination could be better than gold and pleat?
    So in love with full, flared skirts at the moment.
    Especially pleated skirts.
    Yours is just perfect!

  54. Amazing outfit, that skirt is stunning. And I also prefer sunset as my favourite part of the day:)


  55. amazing skirt! love your outfit.

  56. beautiful look :)

  57. I would've never thought to pair the top and skirt together but you pulled it off so well.


  58. Your skirt looks fantastic. Love how it's all shiny and sparkling :D

  59. Wow I love your skirt! And it's on sale too! I really like how you paired the gold with a more pastel and soft blue, it looks so delicate.

    The I on Fashion

  60. Anonymous

    it looks amazing!!
    where did get your haircut by the way?? i want to cut mine like that!! please post more photos!! :)

  61. love your skirt
    look amazing!

  62. THAT SKIRT. Amazing.

  63. THAT SKIRT. Amazing.

  64. THAT SKIRT. Amazing.

  65. That skirt is just beyond amazing!

  66. OMG!!THIS outfit is GORGEOUS!!!!<3


  67. OMG!!THIS outfit is GORGEOUS!!!!<3


  68. OMG!!THIS outfit is GORGEOUS!!!!<3


  69. OMG!!THIS outfit is GORGEOUS!!!!<3


  70. You look so pretty!


  71. This skirt is so amazing! I want to wear it!! Woooow. I love!!

  72. fantastic skirt!
    cool photos!


  73. Love your pictures, they'r amazing!

    / www.couturestreet.wordpress.vom

  74. beautiful photos!! love your look:)


  75. Anonymous

    beautiful skirt!!!

  76. Great look! Love your skirt!

  77. This skirt i beautiful, i love the flahy material and then the top goes perfect with it. Great style and blog!

  78. I bet you sold a hundred of those skirts! You chose the perfect time of day and top to compliment the glittering texture.

  79. Becky

    Fun and flirty skirt. love the metalic tone

  80. i love your top!

  81. Nice cloathes! :)

  82. What a gorgeous outfit. Love the skirt and the top and the photos are really pretty too!

  83. That gold skirt is killer and the fact that it's on sale is even better! I love that dress for less style cause it's chic and affordable. Too cute!

  84. Want. That. Skirt.


  85. Looking oh so sultry here, Rach! Jelly of that skirt for sure!



  86. c

    you are too gorgeous! Love these hues together. Would love to meet you one day hun :)

  87. oh wow absolutely stunning!

  88. I love that skirt; Elie Tahari is a favorite of mine and it looks great! - Daniel Dunt

  89. the outfit looks stunning! I simply love it!

    An Interesting Distraction

  90. That skirt makes the outfit AMAZING!
    great shots


  91. that skirt is ah-mazing! The whole look is really beautiful though.

  92. The shirt goes so well with the colour of the skirt. brilliant!

  93. amazing, i love !

  94. Wow, love both pieces.... so pretty! great outfit!


  95. Got this skirt!!! Thanks for the link! Such a steal! :)

  96. YOU LOOK SO GOOOOOOD. * humps wall*

  97. Very pretty look, thanks for the hot tip on the skirt!

  98. the coolest skirt!!! ever!

    Meena xxxx

  99. absolutely love the skirt!


  100. you're just so awesome, love the blue and pink nails!

  101. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU. you look so dreamy here!! i just wanna give u a hug :)



  102. Love the skirt! It's too great that it's on sale.


  103. I love the skirt! I've already added it to my cart at Saks!

  104. lovely blouse :)


  105. that skirt is seriously WONDERFUL. you look fantastic.

    Lots of love from Sydney Australia xx

  106. Very special skirt !!

    my outfits :

  107. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. That skirt requires dancing, stat.

  109. I love that photos you look unbelievably beautiful girl and I should admit that you catch the right time to picture the sun.

    Greet holiday apartment london

  110. Absolutely GORGEOUS!
    Just discovered your blog and I'm blown away :-) Wauw!
    I'm following right away.


  111. Oh my... a gold pleated skirt - that is perfection!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  112. wooooWWWW! Fantastic skirt! I follow you! XOXO

  113. love love love the skirt

  114. That skirt is amazing. I love it.

  115. LOVEEEE that skirt! What type of camera do you use, Rachel?

  116. Your style is truly amazing!!

  117. love the combination of the shiny skirt and the light blouse!

  118. one of my fav outfits ever!

  119. Those shots. are. GORGEOUS! Love the last one especially. What a lovely time of day to shoot, and my my that outfit may be one of my favourites from you. Goodness.

    (Though I seem to say that every time I see a new shot :P)


  120. Wow the last picture is perfect.
    The shirt is not on sale anymore :(
    Can't find it. But love thoses pictures.

  121. No words for this outfit. Just perfect.

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