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new york time line

July 6, 2011

Picture(s) from… the S/S Resort Rebecca Minkoff collection; my cluttered bathroom shelf of beauty dailies; the bed side necessitating arm candy, an empty bottle of wine, half-eaten Three Musketeers bar, and a much needed new iPhone case; Pour La Victoire's incredible bag collection coming out soon; breakfast in bed with my love, Natalie; an embarrassingly star-stunned, run-in with Taylor Tomassi; one musky 6AM wake up; Jillian's moleskin; and a couch with everyone's brown leather purse on it.

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70 responses:

  1. awesome pics! especially love that denim bustier!


  2. very nice pics ;D
    love ;D

    STREET LIFE: DAISY LOWE @ Elie Saab Show

  3. soooo cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Very nice photo style...
    Love it...

  5. Love the photos
    they look amazing!!!
    i love your denim bustier so cute

  6. The photos of you and Natalie are so cute! Your denim bustier and the photo of the leather purse congregation are darling.

    ♥, Jamie

  7. such delightful images :)


  8. I love these photos. Great way to start my morning.

  9. These are such awesome pictures! And your breakfast in bed looks amazingly delicious!


  10. Looks like a lovely time in NYC - hope you enjoyed it!
    Much love,

  11. Absolutely love all of these images! Wonderful collection :)


  12. The photos of your trip are lovely! My mouth is watering over that delicious breakfast, and I love everyone's brown bags. I spy a F+C one!


  13. OMG I loveee!!! the purses are amazing, and that photo of the new york skyline is incredible.

  14. cool!

    Check out my blog:

    Elena from

  15. Ah love these photos. Those bags look wonderful!

  16. I love these! They're so dreamy and beautiful.

  17. Sarah

    hi rachel! i love this post, can you post more about your beauty products? i think that green jar is the new cream from khiels... i want to see what else is in your medicine cabinet ;)

  18. that blue bandeau bra thingy is so cute . loved the pics

  19. those are great photos!! love that phone case, checking out that company for sure!

  20. super amazing snaps!! you and natalie are so stunning! x

  21. i love a great fashion journal. this is amazing. the food, clothes, jewels, love it alllll

  22. Amazing shots!

  23. LOVE this montage of photos so much! Especially since I may or may not recognize a few of them!!!!! ;))) Which reminds me, we need to exchange some photos from our secret day together. LOVE these so much :) PS! Where is that denim top from? I kind of NEED it! xo, Kim

  24. Lovely! You're so lucky to be able to have opportunities like this. x

  25. I love this post! Beautiful snapshots to share, and I love how you're interspersed throughout.

  26. Amazing photos, love them !

  27. Fabulous. I love how all of these photos tell such a story! Absolutely great.

  28. Wow, this looks like a fantastic trip! That breakfast .... yum.

  29. great photos love the one in the denim bustier looks amazing on you with the white pants!

  30. Love the blue dress with the scallop hem!

  31. love the denim corset! the photos all have such a dreamy filter on them

  32. Loving the first brown bag (where's it from?), and the breakfast in bed is such a dream breakfast. I love your nyc photo diary/journey.

  33. love everything here :)

  34. I really like the photo of the breakfast tray !

  35. such fun photos! love the Rebecca Minkoff ones!


  37. Love the turquoise blazer! xxx

  38. That bright pink belt gave me some ideas. ;)

  39. this is such a great post. i love every single photo! and you're a babe!


  40. I LOVE YOU RAYCH!! favorite post ever. it was such a great time! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!! XOXOOXOXOXO btw, you're hot.



  41. Clearly brown leather bags are the way to go! Loved this series of pics, really so lovely, nicely shot, and I carry my moleskine everywhere! My latest is for wedding inspiration (magazine cutouts/doodling). xoxo Kristina

  42. gah this post is amazing. i wish i would've been there! actually, i wish you could've played with olivia and i when she was in chicagoooo. come with her next time!

  43. Wow! Rebecca Minkoff looks so amazing! Love the blue pants!!

  44. super cute post!


  45. oh you took wonderful pictures. i am in love with nat! :)

    la tiquismiquis

  46. Great photo's :)

    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

  47. Great pictures. That breakfast looks amazing <3

  48. Becky

    Sweet collection

  49. This is my first time on this blog. Love it already. I especially like how you got closeups of the accessories and the crackled door. And you really captured the excitement in that one girl's face.

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  51. NY is the coolest city in the world! Great photos!

    Follow my blog for your daily dose of California style :)

  52. Fall in love with your blog ;)
    Follow you by now!


  53. Wow!
    That denim bustier is soooooo perfect!
    Where can I get one??

  54. the images on this blog are beautiful.

  55. Really love the NYC inspiration through these pictures and outfits as well as the white shorts in the second photograph! For some more NYC inspired fashion fit for the office you might enjoy this post as well. :)

  56. These pictures are fantastic, gosh i woul dhave loved to be there. GREAT BLOG!

  57. You captured New York at its finest! Love the shots.


  58. I love me a basic brown leather bag, can't wait to see these in person. Great photos!

  59. love the green/blue outfit! i'm really into matching colors and mixing textures like that outfit above. :)

  60. great photos ! Love the blue dress !!

    my outfits and life in Belgium

  61. Anonymous

    gorgeous outfits! I love the one with the lace shorts!!

  62. Anonymous

    The sneakers of the picture are awesome (men's sneakers), What brand are ?.

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